What to Buy for Christmas

Christmas time is almost upon us, well present time really, because if you’re not getting something incredibly cool – it kind of defeats the whole point doesn’t it? Consumer crazed madness is rife and no one wants a hanky or a box of potpourri these days, so with that in mind here’s some things to remember for Christmas 2011

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Everyone loves technology

Ahh, so predictable…but it is 2011 isn’t it? Or course people want gadgets! Whether it’s the latest phone with access to every app imaginable, a gaming console or a technological wonder that lets you take out the garbage and launch rockets from a remote location – we want it! There’s no getting through 2012 without something that lets you plan your entire life with the press of a button, period. Think iPods, BlackBerry’s, Kindles, digital photo frames, tablet PC’s and all those cool ‘look at me I’m awesome’ things.

Pimped gadgets are better than normal gadgets

Even better than having all the gadgets you want is having all the cool gimmicks to dress them up in. Whether it’s a cool case for an Apple Mac, a designer stand for an iPhone, skins for laptops, speakers, spy cameras or a radio that’s a toaster too – everyone wants to pimp their gadgets. iPads, for example, have Chef Sleeves, which can protect your precious in the kitchen if you’re using it to read a recipe. Whether that or an ergonomically sound hands free kits for phones – gadget accessories are all the rage this Christmas.

A massage is way better than a homemade sweater

Photo frames are really sweet, but not really. How many times can you give your not so favorite aunt one before she realizes you actually hate her? Functional and useful gifts are way better this season, maybe not for the not so favorite aunt (who you can wrap that potpourri up for), but for people you’d really like to spoil. A massage from the local spa, a subscription to a favorite magazine, cooking lessons or a gaming store contract is way more valuable in the long run – and thoughtful too.

If you can eat it, you’ll like it

You can’t go wrong with treats, no matter who you’re buying for. A bottle of whiskey or a big fat box full of fat inducing goodies is always a welcome gift over the festive season. It is indulgence time, so if you’re not sure what to buy this is the way to go.

Jacky Letard writes on various topics including flying lessons and what the best gifts are to get your loved ones. In her spare time she also enjoys photography and hiking.

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