Get Ahead of the Rush: Organise Christmas Card Printing Now

Spring is here, the flowers are blooming and while Christmas cards may not be the first thing to come to mind, waiting for fall or winter is not the best idea. Printers have as long a Christmas list as Santa. Wait times on last minute orders can be very long, even for fast short-run digital printers. Printing your Christmas cards in the spring ensures that you will have them ready long before the critical mailing date. Printers also reward the frugal shopper with sales periodically throughout the year. Join printing company mailing lists and shop the best sales during slower times of year.

Short-run digital printers are the printers of choice for your Christmas card needs. While the costs of offset printing may be a little bit lower per unit, print-on-demand services offer a smaller print run with a faster turn-around time than traditional offset printing. If there is no busy-season backlog, your cards can be ready in as little as 24 hours.

Unused stacks of Christmas cards are a thing of the past. Order only what you need, when you need it. Minimums of 250 or more per design are gone. If you need four different designs in limited quantities, short-run digital printers can do that for you as well. You are not limited to a large supply of exactly the same Christmas card. If you need to have a different personalized card for everyone on your Christmas list, short-run printing can do that for you too. Changing design and text does not even slow down the printing process.

Color matching is always accurate because short-run printers can be calibrated easily. You never have to worry that cards from one print run will not be the same quality as cards from a previous print run. Proofs can be created quickly for your approval. The final product should exactly match the final prototype with no mechanical variables.

Today everyone is concerned about their impact on the environment. Short-run digital printing is actually a more environmentally friendly choice for printing your Christmas cards. The process produces less chemical and paper waste. There is no need to bring the machinery up to color because the color is always accurate. Traditional offset presses require cleaning with harsh chemicals that become waste products afterward. This kind of cleaning is completely unnecessary with short-run digital printing. These factors make short-run digital printing the printing solution for a greener world.

Consider short-run digital printing for your Christmas cards this year and do it early enough to beat the crowd. Don’t be stuck in a backlog waiting for your proofs to arrive. Start the process while you still have a chance to shop for the best deals.

Don’t leave your business card printing to the last minute. Checkout Snap printings range of hundreds of different business Christmas card template designs to choose from, you can even customise them with a special message.

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