Review of the Memorex MKS SS1 Singstand Karaoke Machine

People who love karaoke can be obsessed with tradition and sometimes they’re unwilling to embrace change. Even though they love technology, sometimes they are slow to warm up to anything that doesn’t resemble the way they usually experienced their favorite hobby. The Memorex MKS SS1 Singstand Karaoke Machine is one of those devices that has been embraced by the general population, but it’s taking karaoke veterans a lot longer to accept it. But no matter which group you belong to, it would be worth your time and money to take a look at this great karaoke machine. It doesn’t follow the traditional design associated with karaoke machines of generations past, but that doesn’t mean it offers anything less in terms of performance and fun. And if you want picky about the way karaoke is delivered or the look of your system, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t purchase this great product.

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You’ll notice that the Memorex karaoke machine isn’t much of a traditional machine at all if you’re talking about the design. It’s actually more of a microphone stand that happens to have speakers at the base and a karaoke mic at the top. You’ll also see a section on the singing portion of the device that allows you to hook up your iPod player. What you won’t find is any area that will accommodate traditional karaoke CDs. What does this all mean for the singing fan? Basically, you have access to every song that you have downloaded onto your iPad if you want to sing karaoke. The great thing about using this device is that you can sing real versions of songs rather than karaoke versions which can often be cheesy or or don’t sound quite right. For a long time people have been looking for ways to sing authentic versions of songs using their own voice, and this is the best way to do it. Some might see the inability to play traditional CDs as a downside, but all depends on what you have loaded onto your iPod.

The sound that this system produces is high quality and there are several speakers strategically placed on the base to give you maximum levels of music and mic volume. You also have the option of hooking up an electronic keyboard to the base, and this will effectively allow you to form your own mini-band while adding a nether dimension to your karaoke fun. This was one of the best sellers last Christmas and it’s likely to continue in popularity because there’s no other machine on the market that utilizes iPod technology so well.

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