A Look at the Different Styles of Earth Vegan Shoes

Earth Shoes is among the several shoe companies that are making vegan shoes. This company is proud of their remarkable vegan shoe products. Keep in your mind that when you are buying from Earth Shoes, you must be certain that what you are bringing to the counter is the shoe you are looking for because this company sells other shoe products as well. Boots, sandals, dress shoes and even vegan work shoes are available in this company. Here are some of their most notable vegan shoes.

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If you are looking for a regular shoe which you can use on a daily basis, then the Glide is great for you. The sizes are available for both men and women. It even has the Kalso heel technology. This feature makes you utilize many calories while walking, so it helps in keeping you in fit shape. A number of Earth vegan shoes also have this technology.
The posh Earth Elite vegan shoe is a shoe for those who are looking for some fashion in a shoe. 14 inch heels, a waterproof proof upper, sturdy arch support, soft microfiber lining and the Kalso negative heel technology make this shoe a fashion-lover’s best friend. This shoe has 6 colors to choose from.

One more fashionable vegan shoe is the Earth prestige. Equipped with the calorie-burning feature, this shoe will help shape up your body. This shoe has smooth contours and is so comfortable to wear. There are 5 colors available for this one.

If you are looking for slip-ons, then the Earth Lazer is just for you. This is great for those everyday walks. This shoe has so much comfort and is available in the colors of black and brown.
Looking for athletic shoes? Then look no further because the Earth Kinetic Vegan is here. This shoe has so many purposes. If you are going to play sports, run or walk, then you can use this shoe. This also features the negative heel technology so you can burn calories at a faster rate.

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