Christmas Carnival – November 20

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Welcome to the November 20, 2012 edition of Christmas 2012 Carnival. In this edition we have some great articles starting with Cherry Liu on How to Do a Yankee Swap Gift Exchange. The site ‘A Bit of Decor’ has some Ideas for planning your Holiday Decor and Accessories. We have 12 Gifts that Don’t Cost Anything from Lara Whitmore. And finally Jim Wilson looks at 10 iPhone Apps to Use for Christmas Shopping. Hope you enjoy the articles, bookmark, share, tweet on Twitter, like on Facebook and come back really soon.

Jeff Moore presents 30 Blogs with the Best Personalized Christmas Gift Ideas posted at Babysitting Jobs, saying, “While there are plenty of great gifts out there for everyone on your list that are likely to be well-received, there’s something about a personalized or custom gift that reflects their personality that shows someone just how much you care.”

Cherry Liu presents How to Do a Yankee Swap Gift Exchange posted at House Sitting Jobs, saying, “Whether it’s called a Yankee Swap, Chinese Gift Exchange, White Elephant, Dirty Santa or any one of the plethora of other names, these holiday gift swap games each offer a different take on the classic gift giving at Christmas. If you’re interested in doing a gift exchange at your next holiday function, do one with a twist.”

Brittany Harris presents 30 Blogs with the Best Holiday Tips posted at, saying, “While the winter holidays are a time for celebrating family, friends and spiritual beliefs, they’re also a time for entertaining and hosting house guests and cooking and baking extravagant meals and treats.”

A Bit of Decor presents A Bit of Decor: Preparing for the Holidays posted at A Bit of Decor, saying, “Home Decor and Accessories and beginning the holiday season. Where to start? What to think about. What is next? How to decide what your style is? Size? Location, basics to holiday decorating – ie wreaths and garland.”

A Bit of Decor presents A Bit of Decor: Ideas for planning your Holiday Decor and Accessories posted at A Bit of Decor, saying, “Home Decor and Accessories and beginning the holiday season. Where to start? What to think about. What is next? How to decide what your style is? Size? Location, basics to holiday decorating – ie wreaths and garland.”

Christmas lights on Aleksanterinkatu.

Christmas lights on Aleksanterinkatu. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Shelby Jackson presents How to Create a Gift Cupboard for Stress-free Gift Giving posted at 4Nannies, saying, “It’s time for the kids to go to another birthday party and, unfortunately, you haven’t bought a gift yet.”

Michelle Brown presents 10 Reasons to Not Open Birthday Gifts at Your Child’s Party posted at Nanny, saying, “A pile of wrapped birthday gifts can be a difficult temptation for kids to resist, but there are a few reasons why you might want to put off their grand opening until all the guests have gone home.”

Arianna Lee presents 10 iPhone Apps to Track Christmas Gifts With posted at Part Time Nanny, saying, “When the winter holidays roll around, keeping up the the gifts you’ve purchased, those still remaining on your list and the wish lists of those around you can be a daunting task.”

Lara Whitmore presents 12 Gifts that Don’t Cost Anything | Live Creatively posted at Live Creatively.


Jim Wilson presents 10 iPhone Apps to Use for Christmas Shopping posted at 10 Physical Contact Rules for Babysitters, saying, “Traditional wisdom may state that it’s “the most wonderful time of the year,” but it can actually be one of the most stressful when it comes to shopping for gifts.”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of christmas 2010 carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Getting Ready for Christmas: Dressing Your Home’s Exterior

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It’s coming up to that time again….  We must start decking our halls and trimming our trees!  But let’s not neglect our house’s exterior this year, as so many people do… Let’s take the festivities outside too and cheer the place up with some traditional Christmas décor. Let’s start getting ready for Christmas.

Here’s how!

ExteriorThink sophistication!

There are many ways to personalize your Christmas celebration while welcoming holiday guests and spreading some cheer throughout the neighborhood. While your personal style might involve a plastic Santa (sorry, but we classify that as a major decor faux pas!), this blog post focuses on the more sophisticated looks for your home’s exterior this Christmas.  Think of classic items, such as wreaths for the front door, twinkling lights, garlands or small trees framing the doorway.

Wreaths and Garlands

One of the favorite exterior Christmas decorations has traditionally been the wreath, which welcomes visitors to the home. These circular decorations are typically made out of pine needles, ivy, and holly and may also feature other items woven or glued on, such as pine-cones, ribbons, and ornaments. Here are some tips on adding a wreath to your exterior door:

  • You can opt for a fresh wreath or one made from silk flowers and plants. The fresh ones often smell nice but can dry out fast and do not last longer than one Christmas. The fake wreaths can be stored and used each year; if you want to make them smell like fresh, you can even buy a scented spray.
  • A DIY wreath is a low-cost way to decorate, as well as making it your very own with the style and colors you like.  It also makes a fun craft to do with the kids! All the supplies can be found in a craft store or even a garden center.
  • Be sure to size the wreath to your exterior door. You don’t want a wreath that disappears on a large, dark door nor do you want a wreath to be so huge that you can’t quite find the entrance!


Garlands also make a nice touch on the home’s exterior. These can be pinned or nailed up around the exterior door-frame or around a window. Like the wreaths, these can be fresh or fake plus can be combined with lights for a special touch.


Choose soft, white sparkling lights that add an elegant and charming glow to your home’s exterior.

Go green by choosing the environmentally friendly solar powered LED lights that can be found widely in shops and garden centers at this time of year.  You’ll be surprised how well they work, even in gloomy November!

LightsKeep your décor charming with small white lights that look like icicles and snowflakes hanging from your windows and eaves. The lights can also be strung throughout trees and bushes for an intricate, magic-forest light effect.

Garden and Front Landing Décor

Another place to add the traditional Christmas touch on the exterior of your home is your front garden and front landing if you have this space.  If it fits and is appropriate, you can erect a decorated Christmas tree or decorate dwarf Christmas trees in urns on either side of your exterior door.

If appropriate and in good taste, you can add other decorative features like a nativity scene, snowman, or Santa in his sleigh. Just be sure you avoid anything plastic or inflatable as these lack a sophisticated and traditional look. Instead of anything this garish, consider using natural items like pine cones and boughs to decorate chairs, planter pots, and benches along with cranberries, small lights, and ornaments.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some other things to remember when it comes to decorating the exterior of your home for Christmas:

  • Stick to one theme like a traditional Christmas or even a Victorian or Edwardian Christmas theme to match your home’s door, windows, and overall architecture. This also means keeping the colors coordinated so it does not become too busy looking.
  • Think about where you can plug in anything that requires electricity and plan accordingly. No one wants to look at miles of extension cord!

Good luck and have a happy Christmas!


This article was written on behalf of Old English Doors, who hand make traditional wooden front doors in their workshop in Nottingham, UK.

Christmas Carnival – November 6

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christmas 2007

christmas 2007 (Photo credit: paparutzi)

Welcome to the November 6, 2012 edition of Christmas 2012 Carnival.  We start this edition of the carnival and the first carnival of the new season with an article from Anna Deguzman at discussing buying Fresh Live Christmas Trees Online. We also have Tash who feels that Together we can share the Christmas magic. Hope you enjoy all the articles, bookmark, share on StumbleUpon, Tweet, Like on Facebook and come back soon for more Christmas tips and shopping options.

Kaylee Adams
presents How to Budget for Christmas and Avoid Going into Debt posted at Find A Nanny, saying, “With the weather starting to cool off, thoughts naturally begin to gravitate to the upcoming holiday fun and festivities. However, going into debt for that fun and being stuck paying off your Christmas bills isn’t likely to make your New Year’s very bright.”


Ghetto Hallowee presents Top 10 Ghetto Halloween Treats – NoWayGirl posted at NoWayGirl, saying, “Get to know the best 10 ghetto Halloween treats people have seen over many years and have given out on Halloween .”


ToolBox Blog presents Category ‘Wo’ Management…Targeting ALL Female Consumers posted at ToolBox Blog, saying, “There’s the average female consumer (a woman between the age of 30-39, married, two children) and then there’s me, Kristine. I’m married, between the age of 40-49, a working mother of four children aged 7 and under.”

[email protected] presents Buy Fresh Live Christmas Trees Online posted at NerdWallet Blog – Credit Card Watch, saying, “Want your Christmas tree delivered to your door, hassle-free? Order online!”


Tash presents Together we can share the Christmas magic posted at Love Santa, saying, “Those who believe in the magic of Christmas can share it with others to make a huge difference in the world.”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of christmas 2010 carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.


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The ‘What To Buy For Christmas’ List


What To Buy For Christmas

As the Christmas season approaches this year, toy stores, perfume shops, clothing chains, and even restaurants dress themselves in the traditional red and green Christmas colors. The change in color entices individuals to begin pondering over their choice of Christmas presents for their loved ones. The foremost problem that plagues the mind is what to buy for Christmas.

The Christmas shopping list consists of presents for children, parents, sisters, brothers and friends. Each year the diversity and depth of presents increases. There is a wide variety of products that can be given as Christmas presents. The question is which product makes it to the ‘what to buy for Christmas’ list.

Children have a special attachment to video games, electronic gadgets, make up kits and other playable toys. This year the top rated presents for children includes sequel to the Halo series; Halo 4. Since, Halo 4 is expected to be released around Christmas; the video game showcases itself as ideal present. The LEGO city cargo train set would keep the younger children content and occupied for weeks after Christmas. The Hello Kitty makeup bag is worth considering for young girls.

Christmas is a time in which adult men and women show their love for each other by exchanging presents. Perfumes, jewelry, clothing, watches and shoes are all presents that answer what to buy for Christmas. Perfumes have proven to be the best Christmas present year after year. The Christmas perfume for men is inarguably the Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani. The perfume is said to be a perfect harmony between sensuality and masculinity. Women would be delighted to find Tommy Girl as their Christmas present. Tommy Girl is crisp, flowery and fruity.

Be it a child, man or women Christmas is a time when everyone begins pondering what to buy for Christmas. Electronic gadgets, makeup kits and perfumes always make the best Christmas presents that show thoughtfulness and love.

Christmas Carnival – December 4


Welcome to the December 4, 2012 edition of Christmas 2010 Carnival.

Compand Save
presents Advantages Of Using Canon PGI225 And Its Compatibility With Printer posted at CompAndSave Blog, saying, “Canon ink cartridges are an age-old “fuel” for canon printers. They contribute largely in printing super quality images. You can find two main types of cartridges in the market. Each type has black ink and colored ink options. Recently, Canon PGI225 has stormed the printing market.”

TomatoInk presents How Many People Know You Online? posted at TomatoInk, saying, “In the beginning of 2012, the number of internet user worldwide touched the two billion mark. The number would be increasing even as you read this. The users come from diverse background and encourage diverse businesses to set their shop online.”

CompandSave presents Amazing Features And Facts Of Brother LC75 Cartridges posted at CompAndSave Blog, saying, “If there’s one cartridge that’s stealing the limelight nowadays, it’s none other than Brother LC75. Brother’s printers are already topping the elegant quotient and now the manufacturer is busy offering them at incredibly lower rates.”

Debbie Denard presents A Nanny’s Guide to Packing for a Daytrip » Nanny.NET posted at Nanny, saying, “For many nannies, trips to the zoo, farm, museum, or other age-appropriate venues are part of their weekly adventures with the children they watch.”

Charity and Amber presents How to Make a Blanket Keepsake from Your Tshirts posted at SoLoveThat, saying, “This is a great Christmas gift idea for someone special in your life. It’s personal and inexpensive. Check out this post to see the how to steps with pictures.”


Rick Sincere presents Christmas in Milwaukee – 1967 posted at Rick Sincere News and Thoughts, saying, “I just disinterred some long-unseen home movies from Christmas 1967. For those feeling nostalgic, this is a look at holiday celebrations of almost 45 years ago!”

Steve presents Homemade Christmas Decorations for Family Fun « Christmas 2010 Shop posted at Christmas 2010 Shop, saying, “The time for festive season is upon us. What this implies for a number of of individuals all over the world is food, family and decorations.”


Steve presents Christmas Gift Ideas for the Beginner Chef – For any Budget « Christmas 2010 Shop posted at Christmas 2010 Shop, saying, “Your best choice to generating a good list is to have knowledge of the hobbies of many people you will be buying for.”

Steve presents Give the Gift of Fresh Ground Coffee posted at Christmas 2010 Shop, saying, “Whether or not you don’t consider them serious coffee fanatics they’ll delight in the gift as it makes for an excellent kitchen appliance that may be sturdy enough to not run the risk of damage or breaking and is manufactured with a quality level sufficient that it’s going to serve them for years and years.”

Munir Timol presents Promotional Cotton Bags, Printed Lanyards, Eco Bags, Promotional Mousemats, Personalised ID Lanyards. posted at Promotional bags can give maximum exposure, saying, “Non Woven Bags are becoming as new great Bag packaging alternative. With these stylish, environment friendly bags, you can give your company the promotional boost it needs to really stand out at those trade shows of your industry as a whole. ”

christmas shop

christmas shop (Photo credit: Scorpions and Centaurs)


CompandSave presents Easy Tips To Buy Brother TN315 Cartridges Cheaply posted at CompAndSave Blog, saying, “The brother brand of cartridges, especially Brother TN315 and Brother TN315BK, are known for their exceptional print quality and high-quantity output. These cartridges offer perhaps the maximum number of printed pages.”

TomatoInk presents Ink Cartridges, Refill Kits, Ink Toners – The Constantly Evolving Printing Industry posted at TomatoInk, saying, “Printer ink cartridges are an integral component in industrial printing. Certain cartridges are for special printers. Many times, printers designed for commercial use are bulkier than those designed for home use.”

ToolBox Blog presents The Value of Category Reviews for Retailers posted at ToolBox Blog, saying, “Regular category reviews constitute a fundamental though often neglected aspect of a retailer’s category management process. Category reviews are vital to determining proper pricing, assortment, merchandising and promotional strategies, but often require significant time and resources in order to integrate the many different data sources necessary to make a comprehensive and worthwhile review.”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of christmas 2010 carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Identifying The Best Digital Watch To Buy For Christmas

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Although Christmas is still some four months away but should you observe the atmosphere carefully, you will hear bells already jingling and the weather bringing in the spirit of Christmas. So, if you are pondering on what to buy for Christmas 2012 you are already in the Spirit. A digital watch is a perfect gift for Christmas?

Points to consider before buying a digital timepiece for Christmas

How tough is the timepiece? Can it withstand pressure and weather condition?

The design
This includes color, size, and shape of the watch. The design is what differentiates men watches from women watches. You may also want to look out for timepieces with special Christmas designs

The value
How cheap or expensive is it? Some people prefer very expensive watches while some don’t. What actually determines the value preference for a watch is the size of the pocket. Watches targeted as a yuletide gift should be costly and beautiful enough to be valuable.

The pressure and resistant level
The best digital watch must be strong enough to withstand weather conditions and versatile to work anywhere, inside or outside water.

Christmas season is a very special one that brings in the spirit of relaxation, celebration and emotions that culminates in the need to offer valuable gifts like a digital watch to friends, families, workers, customers etc

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