Buying a Kindle for Christmas

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Buying a Kindle for Christmas

If you are thinking of buying a Kindle as a gift this year you might not know all the choices that are needed before you part with your cash.   We hope this quick buyers guide will help those less familiar with the best selling hand-held ebook reader.

Amazon Kindle 2

Amazon Kindle 2 (Photo credit: peteg)

Your first decision is which Kindle type to buy.  There is a large 9.7″ display DX model.  It costs almost $200 more than the smaller versions but is basically the same apart from that larger display.  It is perfect for reading newspapers and displaying charts and images due to its size but in all other respects it does nothing different to the other two.

The more popular choice is the Kindle 3.  This comes in two versions but both are identical apart from the way they connect to the internet.  The cheaper version connects using wi-fi hot-spots, whilst the $50 more expensive one can use either a wi-fi hot-spot or a 3G satellite mobile signal.  You will need to check whether the person you are buying for has regular access to wi-fi and whether they have a good 3G signal in their area.  Most homes now have their own wireless hotspot due to the popularity of home wireless internet routers so that side is usually covered.  A coverage map at the Kindle store will show you how good the 3G signal is too.

Now hopefully you have decided which reader to buy, you need to consider when to buy it.  Many consumers are hoping for some Black Friday Kindle deals.  Their nearest rival the wifi Nook is likely to be available with $50 off so you might expect at least a limited number of Kindles available at reduced prices too.  However remember that demand for amazon’s reader has been so huge as to mean that orders are already limited to three readers per customer, so it is unlikely that they will offer us any huge discounts for very long.

Where you are more likely to save is with accessories that are likely to be included in the Black Friday sales.  But with these too you will need to be careful.  It is likely that stocks of old covers and cases that fitted the previous generation reader will be priced low, but these won’t fit the new reader so are only any good for those people who already own the Kindle 2.

Hopefully you will now find buying a Kindle gift a little easier!

Tips for Picking Out a Men’s Watch for Christmas

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If you’re looking for a gift idea for guys this Christmas, then maybe you need to consider getting him a men’s watch. There are only a few fashion items that you wear every day and getting a nice men’s watch for Christmas is a great gift that he will use constantly. If this sounds like a good idea, you’ll want to check out the tips below for picking out a men’s watch.

Image of the Oris Regulateur "Der Meister...

Image of the Oris Regulateur “Der Meistertaucher”, a 1000 m diving watch from Swiss watch manufacturer Oris. The regulator movement shows the hours and seconds away from their usual central position, it is the minutes that take centre stage. The minute display, which is of paramount importance to the scuba diver, is thus given most prominence. This watch conforms to ISO 2281 for 1,000 m (3,300 ft) water resistance and not to ISO 6425 for actual diver’s watches. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The trouble with buying a men’s watch is that it’s hard to know where to start. There are so many brands and so many styles that it gets confusing and you don’t have nearly enough time to try and sort it out. So the first tip is to set a budget. It’s easy to get carried away and by setting a budget you will have a definite stopping point so that you don’t haul off and end up buying a men’s Gucci watch. Plus, by setting a limit you also know which brands and styles are out of range and not worth considering.

Now the next step is to consider what he already has in his collection. This could go one of two ways. You can get him a similar watch that he already has (assuming he already has one) knowing that he likes the style and would appreciate another. Or you could say that he already has that style covered and would prefer to have a different style to help fill out his collection.

If you’re still stuck on what to get two pieces of advice are: men love Swiss watches and automatic movements. There is something about having a Swiss watch that just exudes luxury and automatic movements (where the watch winds by the movement of the watch) are considered classy. There are a couple of good brands such as Invicta and Stuhrling watches that are both Swiss and have a huge selection of watches (many of them automatic) at fairly low prices.

Tasty Turkey Substitutes for Your Holiday Table

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Tasty Turkey Substitutes

The Humane Slaughter Act, passed in 1958, is designed to protect livestock – specifically cattle, calves, horses, mules, sheep and swine – from being slaughtered without being stunned beforehand, intending to render the death painless when compared to a more straightforward killing. The Act, however, does not provide any protections for many other animals, including fish, rabbits, and poultry, including turkeys and chickens among many others. As a consequence, one may want to keep turkey off their Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner tables. Here are some potential alternative centerpieces and sides to consider:

The UnTurkey was a product manufactured by Now and Zen that a fair number of vegetarians and vegans considered to be considerably better than Tofurky and other similar substitute meats. It’s a fake meat made from gluten complete with a dressing and gravy. While it’s not an easy cooking process, it yields a table centerpiece that anyone not put off by fake meat could fall hard for. Furthermore, it might even serve as something that could sway someone with a substantial fake meat aversion, which few soy dishes can pull off.

Potato gnocchi can be difficult, but often worth it; when done well, they deliver an experience that few other starches (and especially pastas) can. Get seasonal by turning root vegetables into sauces here, like perhaps pumpkins or reduced squashes. Grill the gnocchi to add an extra layer of depth and texture to it and you have yourself something special. If you’re feeling like integrating a holiday staple into the dish, use sweet potatoes instead of potatoes and you’ll be making a leap while staying within familiar territory for your guests, a simultaneous trip outside and within comfort zones.

Rather than a steak or a dish that focuses on beef cuts in a similar way, use seitan, a wheat-meat stand-in that can do a remarkable job of holding up to heavy sauces, pastries, and hearty, savory sauces, as well as to rice and just about everything else. There’s a whole lot you can do with it around Thanksgiving, and it’s an easy way to put together a meatless centerpiece or side that’s still filling and substantive, something it’s easy to not deliver when trying to put together a vegetarian or vegan entree.

Hearty Root Vegetable Soups
There’s a lot you can do with the root vegetables available around this time of the year. The sweet potato is functional as a side in and of itself, turning fantastic simply roasted at the right temperatures and allowed to release its own sugars, coating itself in flavor. It can also be turned into many interesting soups built on vegetable broths, spices, and even chilies and curry powders.

The parsnip offers a distinct taste and was once used before the days of plentiful sugar in order to make pies and other desserts; it can be used in soups, sometimes alongside fruit such as recently harvested pears and apples, to create an interesting flavor combination that’s in or close to being in season, something always worth considering when preparing a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

The squash – especially the butternut squash – can be turned into fantastic, heavy, filling vegan soups as well, showcasing the thick, often delicious flavors within their hard, beige skins. They’re absolutely worth making when the ingredients are plentiful, as they are at this point in the year.

Andrew Hall is a guest blogger for An Apple a Day and a writer on earning your online nursing degree for the Guide to Health Education.

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