Nook Glowlight Plus Review

Barnes and Noble have doubled the storage capacity of its latest NOOK. It gives you much better front lighting and makes the NOOK Glowlight quite the convenient eBook reader. It is very easy to find and purchase books at their online store. The screen resolution may not add up to some of the other eReaders, however, it does feature the front-lit touchscreen allowing you easy navigation for reading day or night. I love my Nook and use it almost every night. More from our Nook Glowlight Plus Review:

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Glowlights are able to store around 2,000 books in their 6.2 oz. bodies. You can read with them up to 8 weeks on one charge. Due to its great value and excellent functionality Barnes and Noble’s NOOK Glowlight has earned the Silver Award in our Top Ten Reviews.

The front lighting on this eReader illuminates the screen allowing users to read in dark settings. Other backlit computer screens and tablets put a strain on your eyes. WIth the Glowlight you get light shining down onto the screen as it reflects light back toward you. Having even lighting is a great feature for reading eBooks, newspapers, or magazines. If you take it outside you simply turn off the lighting and adjust the contrast to where it is easy on your eyes.

Nook Glowlight Plus Review
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This device doesn’t support audio-books. However, you can still find audio books on their website. You have access to their store via the Glowlight, so it’s still easy to purchase your eBooks and audiobooks.

You can make your eBook purchases via any NOOK app or device. They have a very large variety of magazines, eBooks, and newspapers. Some people like checking out the ‘download from their local library’ feature.

Again, the battery for the Glowlight lasts up to 8 weeks if you read for around half an hour every day. That means the actual battery life will vary depending on the user’s reading habits. It only takes 4 hours to put a new full charge on the eReader.

You have various fonts for customizing and improving the whole reading experience. You can find fonts like Georgia, Dante, Gill Sans, Baskerville, Ascender Sans, and Mundo Sans. The font size is customizable as well. These features help you match up the reader with your own personal reading preferences.

Nook Glowlight Plus Review Conclusion

The Glowlight is a very convenient and lightweight eBook reader. It carries some excellent features, one of which is the front-lit touchscreen. When you consider it holds up to 2,000 eBooks and gives you access to millions more from the B&N store, you have yourself a pretty awesome eReader that will give you hours of reading pleasure and a great experience.

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