The Nook And Other Great Gifts For Boss’ Day

Okay, Boss’ Day is coming up soon. What are you getting your boss? Most employees don’t know what to get. However, if you have a really good boss, get him something nice in recognition of his hard work. Besides, he might do the same thing for you when Employees’ Day rolls around. The following are a few Gift Ideas For Boss’ Day that you could get your Boss.

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In the past, you might have gotten your boss a pen set or a digital clock for his desk. However, with all of the new technology on the market, like the Nook from Barnes and Noble, these types of gifts aren’t that popular any longer. There’s nothing wrong with a pen set, and you could still get your boss one for Boss’ Day. But, what if your boss already has a laptop, tablet pc or cell phone that he practically uses for everything that he does? Try giving him a gift that is practical, but also very considerate.

Gift Ideas For Boss' Day
Gift Ideas For Boss’ Day

Car gadget charger. If your boss is like most people he will need one of these eventually. Everyone forgets to charge their phone every so often. He could keep it in a little nook in the car and charge his phone while driving to work. Did you know that Red Envelope sells a car charger that actually looks like a coffee cup? It can be stored in a special nook in the car or in a car cup holder. It’s very practical because it can charge three different gadgets at the same time such as a camera charger, phone or laptop. It also has the power to charge small gadgets too.

Laser pen. Your boss would really love this cool looking gadget. It is great for the boss that has to do a lot of presentations. Bosses also like to play around with pens like this and irritate their employees. It is small enough to fit in a drawer or any other office nook or cranny. Let him have his little work toy. Get your boss a laser pen for Boss’ Day.

Charging valet. Why should your boss have a disorganized ball of cords and wires when he could be using a charging valet instead? When located in the right nook, it can charge the gadgets that he uses on his desk. He can also use it at home too.

Ear buds. Your boss will love a new set of ear buds. They are great for when he jogs around the neighborhood. He can also use them when riding the train to and from work every day. Make sure you don’t get cheap ones though. He’s your boss, but you still want him to be comfortable. Right?

The following are some more traditional Gift Ideas For Boss’ Day, but they are good for either a male or female:

Travel mugs. Almost every office worker has a coffee mug sitting on their desk. Your boss would probably love a new one if he or she drinks a lot of tea or coffee. But, think travel mug instead. This type of mug is easy to take on the subway, to conferences or even on out of town trips. Try getting one that comes with a carabineer attachment. Your boss can easily attach it to a laptop bag when it is empty.

Food baskets. Even if they are on a diet, most bosses love to get food gifts. Get your boss a fruit, cookie, candy or muffin basket for Boss’ Day. Try getting a themed basket. For example, if he likes French cuisine, get a basket that contains French cheeses or sauces. Or, if he is a movie lover, get him a basket filled with his favorite movies. Good food and entertainment will make him want to crawl up in a comfortable nook and relax. Maybe this will reduce stress and make him nicer in the office.

Wine, liquor or alcohol of any sort. Depending on company policy, this is a great gift to give your boss on Boss’ Day. You may already know what he prefers. Get him some Scotch, wine or even champagne. You could also get enough so that everyone in the office can drink in his honor. Of course, this would be done in moderation.

If you are considering a group gift from everyone in the office, consider the following:

Experience days. These are wonderful gifts for a thrill seeker. Maybe your boss has always wanted to scuba dive, skydive, fight fires, pilot an airplane or even drive a race car. Look around for companies that offer gifts such as these. You can bet that he will appreciate this type of gift and that it will be an original.

Gift cards. He would love a gift card to his favorite restaurant, gym, store or event.

A signed card from everyone. This might seem like a trivial thing, but it will be appreciated.

Gifts that you should never give your boss:

Coffee mugs. This is different from the sophisticated type of travel mug that is discussed above. He probably has a cabinet full of coffee mugs, but not travel mugs.

Golf stuff. This is such an overplayed gift. He probably has golf balls tucked in every nook and cranny of his office and home. Even if he likes to play golf, he most likely has tons of golf stuff. If he is not a golfer, anything golf related will be a waste of money.

Mouse pads. Would you want a mouse pad on Employees’ Day? Enough said.

Desk toys. Aside from his laser pen, he really should not play with toys at work. Right? Besides, he probably has plenty of them already hidden in his desk.

Gag gifts. They might be funny for a few seconds, but many of them are offensive and can turn boring very quickly. After all, remember that he is your boss. He might not find your gift that funny.

On October 16th, give thanks to your boss by getting him or her on of our Gift Ideas For Boss’ Day. Give him kudos at least one day out of the year.

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