New Range Of Gifts For Geeks

New Range Of Gifts For Geeks 2013

It is fast approaching that time of year when thoughts turn to the Christmas period and all the planning that is associated with it. Although there are always unavoidable stresses along the way, it still retains its excitement and of course the best part remains the exchanging of gifts.

Individuals usually have check lists of people to buy for, and you will very often find in amongst these lists, those who are affectionately referred to as geeks. Not surprisingly, every year product developers are recognizing this fact, and creating more and more choice to satisfy their demand.

Gifts for geeks 2013 style, is no exception, with literally thousands of items on offer. The Smart Phone Film Scanner is one that will fascinate the technical geek, with its ability to scan 35mm film onto i-Phones and Android phones, bringing old photos into the 21st century.

A European variety of a strategy game, called Trajan, is tipped to be a leading contender for the most popular of gifts for geeks 2013. With its incredible attention to detail and astonishing art work,  this board game requires a lot of intellect to master it, meaning it will probably be tough on the average punter, but will be one to relish for the fully fledged geek.

Annually, the Star Trek fans have something new to enthuse about, and they will not be disappointed with the pizza cutter in the shape of the Enterprise. Its huge following will ensure that this lighthearted creation will rate highly, when the gifts for geeks 2013 top ten sellers are drawn up, early next year.

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