Christmas in July with the Salvation Army

The Salvation Army logo (Anglophone Version)

The Salvation Army logo (Anglophone Version) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Christmas in July with the Salvation Army

It may be 98 degrees out there and it’s definitely not snowing but the Salvation Army is making it feel like Christmas in July. The Red Army is here once again to rally support for those in need. It’s a given when we see the memorable Red Kettles and Bell Ringers, that the Salvation Army is planning something special.

This year, they aren’t waiting until December arrives, they are doing it right now. The project kicked off last July 22 and ended on the 27th. The Salvation Army is a Christian denomination and charitable organization with a quasi- military structure. Their main goal is to run charity shops, operate shelters for the homeless and provide disaster relief and humanitarian aid to developing countries. This organization consists of soldiers, officers, and other adherents or volunteers a.k.a Salvationists.

This project by the Salvation Army of Brown County, aims to raise more than $15, 000. They also mentioned that they are looking for volunteers and bell ringers, to sign up simply visit their website.

The campaign was a success since a lot of companies agreed to give donations for the week- long event. These are Schreiber Foods, Broadway Automotive, Wisconsin Public Service Foundation, Cellcom and Fox Communities Credit Union.
The county coordinator Captain Ken Shiels said that its a first for Brown County hosting such an event. He added that a number of other Army locations were inspired by the event to organize their own campaign.

Last year when Brown County held the Red Kettle Christmas Campaign, they were not able to reach their goal of 1.2 million dollars. They came 887, 000 dollars short. This made them more eager to be able to provide more for the needs of the community. He remarked that it is a great chance for people to be able to ring bells even if it’s the heart of summer. This proves that Christmas can be felt all- year round.

Aside from Festival Foods locations hosting the main event, Culver’s will also be hosting some special events in the area, in line with the Christmas in July campaign. They promised to donate 10% from all sales made between 5 to 8pm.

The Advisory Board Chair for the Salvation Army Dawn Foeller says that they are certain that even if it’s not the usual Red Kettle Campaign, people will be encouraged to donate for a good cause during Christmas in July. After all, being generous and charitable should not only be for the holiday season, but also throughout the year.

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