How to Host a Holly Jolly Christmas Party

Christmas Party photo

Christmas Party

‘Tis the season for holiday parties. If you want yours to stand out from the rest and be talked about at the office on Monday morning, consider mixing things up a bit. Instead of the usual fancy attire or white elephant gift exchange, host a party that gives guests the freedom to enjoy themselves, laugh together and make memories.

Ugly sweaters

Rather than hosting a formal party that requires guests to purchase (or rent) fancy clothes they spend the evening trying to keep clean, make your party holiday casual. Ugly sweater parties are a fun new trend that takes the focus off who paid what to wear which designer. It levels the playing field by giving everybody the opportunity to show a more playful side of themselves. For a charitable twist, ask guests to donate what they would have spent on formal wear to a non-profit organization of your choice. For a competitive twist, have guests vote on who dons the ugliest sweater!

Wine tasting

To make the party a special occasion in spite of the thrift store attire, include a wine (and cheese) tasting as part of the evening’s activities. There are more than enough sweets exchanged between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Offer a savory respite for your guests.

There are a couple of options for how to go about the tasting. You could provide a variety of cheeses and ask guests to bring a bottle of wine from a specific country or state, cover the labels and have guests vote for their favorites using a numbered ballot. Or you could provide the wines yourself.

Christmas carol karaoke

One of the fundamental traditions of the holiday season is the music. For an entire month we hear it in stores, on the radio, on television specials and from carolers. After a certain number of years, you can’t help but know the lyrics to most of the songs. What better way to use that knowledge than by singing karaoke? It all begins with the holidays DJ service, San Antonio. The first volunteer is usually the most difficult to find, so while you wait and encourage guests to give it a go the DJ will keep the party atmosphere alive with some tunes. Once the ice has been broken, who knows what karaoke Christmas miracles might occur?

Christmas card photo booth

To document the events, you could hire a photographer, or you could save money and set up a photo booth for guests to take their own pictures. Use thumbtacks to hang some wrapping paper as a backdrop. Add some tinsel, a Santa hat, some boxes wrapped to look like presents, any other props you want and a large, empty picture frame. Put your camera on a tripod and see what fun and whacky scenes your guests create to remind you and them of the evening’s frivolity.

In summary, you need the following for your holiday party: a DJ with a karaoke set-up, an ugly Christmas sweater, wine and a photo booth with a camera. Let the festivities begin!


Tiffany Marshall is a freelance writer who prefers fun to formal when it comes to gatherings with friends. She writes on behalf of Cutting Edge Entertainment, where you can find the best holiday party DJ San Antonio has to offer.

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