Creating Personalized Accents with Decorative Decals

Whether you live in a small apartment or a spacious manor, making your living space personal can be an exciting prospect. Your ability to express yourself through interior décor is the opportunity to craft a space that fits your needs and personality. There are lots of materials and decorative pieces to consider in sprucing up your décor, but one of the easiest ways to customize your home is through the use of decorative decals.

Decorative Decals are Easy to Use

Decorative decals provide a modern and more convenient means of adding detail to your interior walls. Most are removable and reusable, making it possible to change the focus of an area on a whim. The removable nature of wall stickers also makes it possible to quickly adjust if you don’t like your initial placement. This provides a fantastic alternative to stenciling. Whereas stencils require careful placement and application of paints, the positioning of a decal is quick and easy. Photographic images can be created with amazing detail for use as wall decal designs. Artistic scenery and images provide a luxurious alternative to traditional wall hangings.

Ways to Use Decorative Decals

One of the most popular approaches in the use of decorative decals in the home is inspirational quotes or sayings. These can be ordered in a variety of sizes, fonts and colors, making it possible to create an appearance that is one of a kind. You may choose to coordinate colors, contrasting a quote against the main wall color of your living area. You may choose to use a minimalistic theme with a quote displayed in black against a white wall. Some decal manufacturers create elegant embellishments to use in tandem with sayings. You can create a custom set of decals to display a saying of your own making. There are few limitations, and the result is one that you may use for inspiration and motivation or for simple reflection and remembrance.

Another prevalent means of using wall stickers to craft a unique living space is with simple shapes. Polka dots are some of the most popular decorative decals, easy to find in a broad spectrum of colors. It’s possible to create a purposeful pattern or an eclectic arrangement of dots, hearts or other simple shapes in order to develop a decorative theme that is as whimsical or as analytical as you are. Stark contrasts of red and black may express a bold view of the world. Chocolate and pink polka dots create a fun and bubbly space. The possibilities are unlimited and there are no restrictions. What’s really wonderful is that you don’t have to worry about a landlord’s approval because of the removable nature of the material. In your own home, of course, you are the boss and your decorative choices are as permanent as you want them to be.

Many find that removable wall stickers create the perfect opportunity for adding holiday flair to the household décor. Christmas decals are among the most popular, perfect for creating the image of a fireplace or a snowy scene on a living room wall. Gingerbread house decals are exciting for families with small children. Other winter holiday symbolism can be worked into the home through wall stickers, whether Hanukah greetings or New Year’s Eve glee are expressed with these artistic embellishments. Thanksgiving imagery or Fourth of July symbols in decorative decals can be added to kitchen and dining areas for a custom holiday feel.

Eric Adams is an interior decorator and freelance writer. He likes getting creative ideas from Collections Etc.

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