Novel Christmas Party Ideas

Novel Christmas Party IdeasWe’ve all experienced the Christmas parties every December, whether they are the typical and clichéd office dinner party or the neighbours get together with Christmas carols blaring in the background, masking the feigned small talk. Well this year how about a few different party ideas for the Christmas period that won’t have people yawning by the time they finish reading the invitation. Think of ideas like a pirate themed boat, or a stand up comic event for the office to make the end of year the way it should be fun. Our parties have themes of Christmas and mistletoe and everything fun for the festive year and there is always something new coming out of the minds of party planners. Here are the top 5 that we thought would be a good idea for a Christmas party in 2012 so that you can start planning now.

Christmas Party Ideas List

  1. Festive Movie Marathon Party with Friends – Struggling to get into the Christmas vibe this year and all you can think of are Grinch type tendencies? Get all your childhood favourite movies, bring out the popcorn and pick three to drink eggnog and eat Christmas food to. This party can use the classics like “Miracle on 34th” or even go as new black as “Dark Santa”. The choice is yours.
  2. Office Party Theatre Sports – Allowing yourself to express your feelings for office politics through drama can be an uplifting experience for your group of co-workers. Many theatre companies will offer closed options for medium sized companies to make light and fun of the office year gone by. Serve it with some seasonal themes and secret Santa with a twist and you’ll have a party that the troops will talk about till next Christmas.
  3. Christmas Dress Pub Crawl – Everybody likes to get festive and many business Christmas parties end up with the troop having a few drinks, even if sometimes a few too many. Combine the traditional pub crawl with a costume party and have Santa and his elves travelling around the high street with a swagger and a Christmas cheer.
  4. Bad Boys Christmas Barge – Not all Festive parties need to revolve around co-workers and families so it’s never a bad idea to have a lads night out. Why not hire a stag christmas cruise and get “Santa’s little helpers” to make the most of the lads night out. Think naughty elves and reindeer costumes to have the boys night out have a festive Christmas cheer at this party.
  5. Decorate the Tree Party – If you have the tradition of entertaining neighbours over the festive period, why not invite them over for the decorating of your tree. Each person attending brings an ornament to hang on the tree and tells a little bit about its choice and dines on small talk and served wine. You get a eclectically decorated tree and everyone gets to try your Christmas morsels.

So let’s not have Christmas boring this year. Think outside of the box and make your guests enjoy the ideas for your Christmas parties and have them talking about it for the rest of the year and well into next!


Sarah Mancini is a freelance author with a keen interest in making things different, spicing it up and making sure that she, and her readers, get the most out of every life experience. She keeps every year different, from a New Years Eve party cruise  to even thoughts of allowing her boyfriend to indulge in a stag party boat night, Sarah likes to keep life fast apced and exciting.

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