Homemade Christmas Decorations for Family Fun

The time for the festive season is upon us. What this means for many of us around the world is food, family and decorations. This year why not make a fun family project to make homemade Christmas decorations for the areas around the house, instead of taking the easy option of simply darting down to the store. The materials are things you have around in your home and garden, from the used accessory hanger than can be used as the base for homemade decorations for the Christmas tree, through to even the toilet rolls and some cotton wool to make miniature Santa faces for the Christmas Feast table. So without slowing down the Christmas train racing towards us with less than a week to go, let’s give you a few ideas for homemade decorations for the festive season.

Food Decorations

When all we can think about and look forward to is the amazing turkey dinners and Christmas Ham, we can all be forgiven for thinking that food decorations are a great homemade idea. Gingerbread men are synonymous with Christmas cheer, so baking them into bearded faces or into the shape of reindeer for decorating your plates for the meals is a cheap and fun way to spice up the table. Embellishing on the uses of used toilet rolls, why not create your own mini Christmas crackers. You can choose whatever gifts to put inside for personalised crackers and have more fun than ever inserting the explosive pull mechanisms.

Tree Decorations

Why not make sure of the shoe store hangers and create some interesting dangling balls for your tree this year? You can create almost any shape you wish, and letting the kids creativity shine by handing them cardboard and a set of pens to design their own special homemade Christmas decorations can give them a sense of ownership. The decorations can be re-used next year as well and be used to make special family memories. Anything from snowflakes, to reindeer to Santa, the only limit is their own imagination. To top it all off you can use hangers together to make the star for the top.

House decorations

Making paper snowflakes and dangling them in walkways can make a great entrance for family friends coming to visit and can be a cool project for dad and the kids as homemade Christmas decorations. Making your own Christmas stockings out of felt is less than taxing and will give the kids each a personalized holder for anything that Santa wishes to fill them with.

At this fun time of year, it’s more important than ever to let your imagination run free and soar with the reindeer. So take a class with Rudolph, and let you and your little ones makes some of the coolest homemade Christmas decorations this white season.


Sarah Mancini is a freelance writer with a key focus on the festive holidays and fun for the family. With her articles she aims to show people great projects that can be done together for those special times.

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Belen or the first family because I believe that is what really zymbolizes Christmas. The time for the family to get together and celebrate life and be thankful because we are still alive despite of everything. Advance Merry Christmas!

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