Give the Gift of Fresh Ground Coffee

Looking for a good Christmas gift for someone?  Why not get them a conical burr grinder?  Even if you don’t consider them serious coffee fanatics they’ll enjoy the gift because it makes for a great kitchen appliance that is sturdy enough not to run the risk of damage or breaking and is manufactured at a quality level high enough that it will serve them for years and years.

Most of your friends are probably either buying pre-ground coffee from the grocery store (the worst way to drink coffee) or using a cheap blade grinder (the second worst way to drink coffee) that brutally hacks the coffee beans into pieces.  Either way, they aren’t getting a chance to taste the true nuances of the bean and are instead tasting the stale and under extracted version of what they could be drinking if they had a burr grinder.

But how do I know which one to buy?

Good question, here are some basic guidelines that will set you on the right path.

  • More important than anything else is that you find a grinder with conical burrs.  Make sure before you buy a grinder that it actually states it has burrs and not blades – if you aren’t sure then look for a different grinder.  It doesn’t matter if the burrs are ceramic or steel – I have used both types for many years both in home settings as well as commercial and they’re both incredibly resilient and do a great job.  Just make sure that it has conical burrs.
  • Check to see if it has an automatic safety off switch.  I really like these because if the bean hopper (or any other compartment) is not properly in place it won’t start grinding.  Sure, I’ve used quite a few grinders that didn’t have this kind of functionality.  They were still great grinders, but man is it a pain to clean up your kitchen when you send pounds of whole bean coffee spewing all over your kitchen floor.  Get a grinder with a safety off switch and you’ll never have to worry about this.
  • I like to see grinders that have a warranty (preferably for a year).  It’s not uncommon and some of the best known companies in the coffee industry, including Krups and Baratza, offer excellent warranties included in the purchase price.  There is no reason that you will need a warranty because these devices are well built and designed to last for decades, but I always like a company that has enough faith in their product to offer the warranty anyway.  It’s a clear indicator that they have trust in their product.
  • How many adjustment settings does it have?  I like a grinder with as many adjustments as possible – because I want to be able to brew using a variety of methods.  There are grinders that range from ten settings all the way up to forty.  If you’re shopping for someone, I recommend getting a grinder with as many settings as possible so that they can experiment with different brewing methods and still have a grinder that meets their needs.

These are the basic criteria that I use when shopping for grinders as well as when I’m guiding other people on making purchases.  Finding the right grinder doesn’t have to be complicated.  If you need further guidance, I’ve compiled a lot of reviews on grinders at my blog that you can check out if you’re interested in more information about specific models.  Like I said, the final decision on which grinder you buy is up to you – as long as you stick to these guidelines you won’t be disappointed.

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