The 6 Most Anticipated Videogames for Christmas: Don’t Disappoint Your Kids!

Christmas is just a matter of weeks away and many mothers across the world – including myself – are frantically gathering gifts that they believe will light up the faces of their children when they are unwrapped on the big day. The nature of pleasing Advent gifts has changed since I was a child; I would typically have received the latest Bunty annual and a few new items of clothing whereas electronic goods and videogames are the standard for today’s youth.

Not wanting to leave my own children – who own several video games consoles and a cheap desktop PC – disappointed but wanting to keep that element of secrecy regarding their presents, I decided to trawl the internet to find out which videogames are most anticipated for Christmas 2011.

In no particular order, my research has revealed that the following titles are those that kids will most want to see under their Xmas tree this year:

  • Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
  • Sonic Generations
  • Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7
  • Super Mario 3D Land
  • Mario Kart 7 and
  • Modern Warfare 3

Here’s a brief rundown of each game:

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword:

Platform: Wii

US Release Date: November 20th  


A prequel to the incredibly popular Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, action-adventure game Skyward Sword is the 15th game of Nintendo’s Zelda series. The title comprises motion-sensitive gaming and will make use of the MotionPlus peripheral. The game steers away from the standard play of alternating between over and dungeon worlds.

The gaming media has embraced these changes though, citing the game as “the best Zelda title ever made” (ONM) and commenting that Skyward Sword is “a game made for Xmas day, despite it being released 6 weeks beforehand” (EDGE). I plan to buy my kids the version that comes bundled with a golden Wii remote.

Sonic Generations

Platform: Xbox 360 / PS3 / PC

US Release Date: November 4th

This game celebrates 20 years of the well-loved Sonic the Hedgehog videogames franchise. The game’s plot sees the contemporary Sonic celebrating his birthday when a new enemy known as Time Eater appears and sucks the blue hero and his friends into a time warp. Inside Sonic bumps in to the older version of himself and the two decide to pair up in order to defeat the new foe.

Critical reception of ‘Generations has been praising with one review (from Playstation Official Magazine) declaring it as “a masterpiece of platform game design” and another stating that it is “the best sonic game in over ten years” (Game Trailers). I best not leave it off of the Christmas list then!

Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7

Platform: Xbox 360 / PS3 / PSP / Wii / Nintendo DS / Nintendo 3DS / PC / iOS

US Release Date: November 11th


This second Lego Harry Potter instalment is based around the final three films (and last four books) from the magical, wand-waving series. As with all the Lego videogames, collecting and exploring the provided virtual world – Hogwarts in this case – is the name of the…er…game.

Casting spells and mixing potions is also integral to the game play – great for all those wannabe wizards out there! But players should be careful to prepare themselves properly for the game’s final showdown   – Voldermort is waiting for Harry to join him for the ultimate battle…

Even I’m excited for this one!

Super Mario 3D Land

Platform: Nintendo 3DS

US Release Date: November 13th

Everyone’s favourite plumbers are back and this time their platform world comprises both 2D side-scrolling and free –roaming three dimensional elements. Once again Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach and it is your job to rescue her!

Many of the power up suits found in the previous Mario games are included in ‘3D Land including the Super Mushroom, Fire Flower and Invincibility Star, as well as a Statue Leaf, Boomerang Flower (this allows the plumbers to throw boomerangs at enemies) and the Question Box (a suit that maximises Mario’s ability to collect coins as he walks around levels). In addition, the game makes use of the 3DS’ autostereoscopic and gyroscope technologies for more engaging game play. This game is sure to please the entire family.

Mario Kart 7

Platform: Nintendo 3DS

US Release Date: December 4th

This is the 9th game in the Mario Kart racing game series and the first for the Nintendo 3DS console which was released in March this year. Gameplay is very similar to the previous games and it boasts a wide range of new features including hand gliding attachments for the karts, underwater sections for several tracks, customisable karts and two new characters; Metal Mario and Lakitu.

Critics have praised the game’s use of the console’s 3D graphics, commenting that they aid perception of depth for players and heighten the sense of falling when steering off of tracks. I think I’ll be asking my son if I can borrow his 3DS so I can have a go – I used to love the ’64 game!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Platform: PC / PS3 / Xbox 360 / Wii

US Release Date: November 8th


CoD: MW3 is the 8th instalment of the of the first-person shooter series which has shifted over 55 million games worldwide since its inception in 2003. The game is the direct sequel to CoD: MW2 which received an incredibly positive reception and so the pressure is on for Activision/Square Enix to deliver the goods once more to the fans.

The campaign mode sees the return of the Task Force 141 squad who are on the run after successfully killing a rogue United States Army lieutenant. Improved graphics streaming and audio are provided by the IW MW3 Engine. It should be noted that this game comes with an 18 certificate rating. Thankfully my oldest son (who has been hinting that he really wants the title) will turn this age a few days before Crimbo arrives.


The author of this guest post – Deborah Matthews – also plans to buy Battlefield 3 for her husband who owns one of the best gaming PCs that money can buy.

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Andy says:

My 6 year old child can’t wait to murder the infidels… knife and rpg’s are her favorite

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08 Nov 11 @ 4am

Steve says:

Funny. Thanks for the comment.

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08 Nov 11 @ 10am

stephwoo286 says:

I’ll be getting the new (fourth) Professor Layton. I’m not a child of course, but that’s great for kids who like brain-teasers and tea!

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08 Nov 11 @ 4am

Steve says:

These games are great for all ages. 🙂

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08 Nov 11 @ 10am

Sarah @ Savannah Apartments says:

I am glad that Nintendo keeps the Mario line alive. I am also glad that they sometimes go back and make it close to the old 2d side scroller. I still to this day like to play the original super mario brothers from the nes. But I think Super Mario World on Snes is my all time favorite. The only thing I don’t like is that all these good mario games are coming out on 3ds. I just can’t play on that little screen anymore. lol

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09 Nov 11 @ 2pm

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