Remote Controlled Toys for Christmas

Are you looking to buy a remote control gift this Christmas ? Well, remote control toys are probably one of the most favourite items found in Christmas stockings but which is the best ? How do you choose from the vast array in the market place and who do you buy from ?

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Firstly you’ll want value for money, variety and quality so that probably means purchasing from an on-line retailer. In doing do you should ensure the seller is contactable by phone and is prepared to offer good customer service after your purchase, typically it will not be an auction site since these tend to be one off items or end of line stock. Instead you should choose a well established business with good stocks and plenty of spare parts available should they be required.

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So which toy to buy ? Firstly consider the size of the toy, if you live in house with small rooms don’t get a toy that’s too big to be played with. Robots or small hovering crafts will provide hours of fun. If you have a large garden look for trucks and cars that can run on grass. Wooden or laminate floors are great for the small ‘micro’ racers.

For younger children a toy with no small parts is preferable, remember that not all toys are suitable for all ages. Toy cars and trucks are generally more durable than flying toys such as helicopters or aeroplanes but older children will enjoy the thrill of the flying toys. Always ensure you know where to get spare blades and propellers, after all you don’t want to replace the toy after a minor mishap so its always a good idea to add some spares to your initial order.

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Children generally think ‘bigger is better’ but a car or truck that’s too heavy will be quickly discarded, remember smaller toys fit little hands better and are easier to put away after use. Older children will spend more time with the larger models especially if accessories are available that allow the child to be creative in their play. Consider toys that are in similar size and scale to something you already have (perhaps a garage or airport set). All children are attracted to toys with flashing lights, sirens or engine sounds, even more so if the sounds can be controlled ‘on demend’ from the transmitter. RC toys with a popular cartoon or TV show theme sometimes appeal more, but such toys often carry a premium price and are usually short lived.

To play with siblings and friends the toys need to be on a separate radio frequency. Most RC cars and trucks run on either 27 or 49 MHz. The radio frequency of your toy will be displayed clearly on the box and in the toy specifications. When buying for children who will play together make certain to get two different frequencies or ensure the toy can be switched between frequencies.

Whatever you choose its sure to be a winner, remote controlled toys always are !

The article was written by M.S , and RC Toys professional currently writing for Cobra RC Toys about Buying RC Helicopters for Christmas.

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