Holiday Gifts For The Boss

So it’s getting to the holiday season – and it’s around now that you get the holy-crap-what-do-I-get-my-boss jitters. You need to find a gift that is appropriate and shows your respect, but at the same time shows your personality, and how much you appreciate his (or her) guidance.

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You could just get them wine, but who wants to do that? Giving them money would seem inappropriate. Clothing – where you have to guess the size of your boss could backfire greatly – and buying clothes for a boss, even if it’s just a tie, can cause some uncomfortable murmurs around the office. If the boss wears to work what you got them, and it’s something that they opened at the office holiday party, it could be seen as a sign of favor.

Some office etiquette pros actually say to leave the boss off of the gift list entirely!

For those that wish to toe the line, though, here are a few gift ideas that might spur your imagination:


Executive Gift Basket or Homemade Cookies?

Yes, food. It adds a personal touch to your gift giving without seeming overly competitive or brown-nosing. Thoughtful, but not stalkerish. This is assuming that your boss doesn’t have any food allergies – especially not peanut or gluten allergies, as those can be quite severe.

And if you aren’t the best of cooks, but still want to present your boss and colleagues with a well presented spread of food, gift baskets are the way to go. None of the work, but all of the credit.

And of course, there is the possibility of the amazing wine.


This one may be a bit more of a stretch for your wallet, but if you can afford it, and you really want to show your boss your appreciation, go for something digital. An e-reader like the Nook or Kindle (or the new Kindle Fire).

Travel Luxuries

This is something that is great for the boss that is always going somewhere, doing something. Think of things like –

  • Cleaner, more organized travel wallet
  • Distractions – games like backgammon
  • Shawl
  • Don’t! give one of those travel pillows. They’re a little too tacky for your boss

Relaxation Products

There are two types of bosses that could use these – those who practice meditation are “New Age” (and maybe a little too crunchy granola), and those who are absolute stress freaks. Some ideas include –

  • Candles
  • Orchids

These are just a few tips for buying the right present for your boss in the coming holiday season – but more than anything keep in mind a gift is meant to show your thanks – more than anything, try and make it personal!

Amy is proud to work with a local company in upstate NY – Saratoga Gift Baskets – that offers executive gift baskets that are great holiday business gifts.

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