Christmas Present Packaging Tips

For some people, every part of the festive period is to be enjoyed and savoured, the shopping, the food, and even the wrapping of presents. Many however would disagree on that last point, and will do almost anything to pass the job on to someone else and hide their inability to make a gift look presentable. Thankfully, there are a few easy ways to go about wrapping up presents around the Christmas period, and here are a few.

Basic wrapping

Wrapping presents with traditional paper is of course up to each individual, and there is no set way to go about it, however for a basic technique there are some rules which should make it easier and less frustrating to cover rectangular and square shaped boxes.

  • When cutting off the right amount of paper to go round the present, leave a further 5cm all around, to make sure there’s enough purchase.
  • For loose items of presents that aren’t cuboid, find a box that will fit the item(s) to make wrapping simpler and add an element of surprise when you hand it over.
  • For perfectionists, go for wrapping paper that is bough by the roll, as opposed to flat in a packet, as it will have no creases on which can make the end product look messy.
  • Transparent adhesive tape is the best bet for any areas that are showing, and allow for a cleaner look.

Keeping items intact

It’s very easy to forget about keeping items protected during transit if you’re posting presents, especially if all the effort has gone into how they’ll look. Items likely to break if handled roughly should be covered in bubble wrap before putting in a box, and heavier goods should be boxed in high-grade cardboard boxes which will rip less easily when being transported, can handle being stacked, and will withstand certain amounts of moisture. For perishables like foodstuffs and plants, temperature can be an issue, so avoid transit if possible, unless the company in question can specifically cater to your needs.

Mix it up

Wrapping in paper is not the only way to present a gift this Christmas, and for certain items there are far more aesthetically pleasing alternatives. Baskets and hampers are a good choice for numerous smaller items, such as personal grooming products or cheeses as a more traditional ‘food hamper’. Recycled material is also a good way to go, lowering your carbon footprint along with impressing more environmentally conscious friends and family!

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