Christmas Gifts for Science Geeks

Christmas comes but once a year and if you’re looking for the perfect present for the science geek in your life, then look no further:  here are the top ten Christmas gifts for the discerning science lover.

1. Periodic Table mug

Let’s start with one of life’s essentials:  the humble coffee mug. Every science boffin needs their caffeine intake as much as the next person, and what better way than via the Periodic Table Mug? Available in small or large, these white ceramic mugs have a colour-coded periodic table of elements emblazoned around them. It’s a fun and geeky way to show your true chemistry colours.


2. Periodic Table Shower Curtains

But let’s not stop at mugs. Did you know you can also get Periodic Table Shower Curtains? Perfect for a house full of chemistry students, or any tongue-in-cheek science lover:  this shower curtain is guaranteed to cause a splash (no pun intended).


3. Conical Flask Salt & Pepper set

If you have any geeky friends or family who treat the kitchen like their own chemistry lab, then why not get them the equipment they deserve:  the Conical Flask Salt & Pepper set recycles real lab equipment for use in the kitchen.


4. Chemistry Vase Conical Flask

If they’re a flower lover, there’s the Chemistry Vase Conical Flask:  an extra large version designed to hold a fresh bunch of flowers (H2O not included).


5. Wild Physics & Cool Chemistry Set

For the younger science lover in your family, the Wild Physics & Cool Chemistry Set is guaranteed to keep them entertained. This set is full of weird, colourful & wacky experiments all with a handy guide to explain the scientific reactions at work as they enjoy them.


6. Astrolux Reflector Telescope

And for those a little older, the Astrolux Reflector Telescope is a brilliant way to flex your astrological muscles in the comfort of your own backyard.


7. GIANTmicrobe Brain Cell

At the other end of the spectrum, how about a cuddly GIANTmicrobe Brain Cell for the baby of the science loving family? This plush, cream coloured replica of a brain cell is cute as a button and perfect for cuddling.


8. Anti Gravity Platform

Speaking of brain cells, the Anti Gravity Platform will require all your brain power just to discover out how it works. This clever gizmo consists of a mirrored platform upon which you can make anything (under 85g that is), float and rotate in mid-air. It’s a great way for a science lover to show off their favourite trinkets using a bit of scientific wonder.


9. Molecularmuse

For the lady geek with a taste for bling, Molecularmuse has a range of great science inspired jewellery. You can get beautiful silver recreations of the molecules that make up your favourite vices, from chocolate all the way to red wine.


10. Newton’s Cradle

Finally, let’s keep it short and sweet:  Newton’s Cradle is a classic work of physics that sits on modern office desk all over the world. Watch in amazement as the laws of momentum ad energy keep the balls swinging side to side for a seemingly impossible length of time. It’s an absolute classic.

Rachel is a freelance blogger with a background working on science parks.

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