Christmas Dresses – I’m Just Planning Ahead.

Last month I was walking through the aisles at my local super market when all of a sudden it dawned on me they were already stocking Christmas decorations and party food. After the initial shock of realising I could buy Christmas cake whilst wearing sun glasses – that Indian summer was in full swing – it got me thinking, maybe I should be looking for dresses for the party season already.

Think about it, avoid the chaos and that last minute madness, crawling through the shops, looking for the perfect party dress. It seemed like a great idea, personally I’m one of those people that enjoy planning something for an eternity, heaven help my family when I decide to get married. So I’ve been scanning the high street and trawling online stores already looking for dresses.

One of the best things about planning this far ahead has been looking through all the vintage shops too. You know what vintage shops are like, full of old tat when you really want to find something and brimming like an Aladdin’s cave when you’ve got nowhere to go and even worse, no money. So I’ve been making even more regular trips than usual to my favourite vintage haunts.

Of course this could turn out to be dangerous, I’ve been shopping for dresses more than ever, but justifying it by saying I’ll stay away from the shops during December – that’ll be the day. Seems like I’ve just been pulled in by the supermarkets evil ploy and I’ve convinced myself that I’m not shopping all the time, I’m just planning ahead!

While on the subject of planning ahead, I thought I’d share with you another thing I’ve been up to, making homemade rhubarb infused vodka. This is an idea I stole from a good friend of mine, she had brought some of this delicious nectar, to a BBQ we attended together over the summer. I thought it would be a great idea to make some for Christmas gifts – as long as I can avoid the temptation of drinking it myself.

It’s really easy to make, just get yourself a bottle of mid-range vodka – no cheap nasty stuff, but don’t break the bank. Throw some sugar and rhubarb, along with a little ginger into a big glass bottle, pour over the vodka, screw on the lid and leave in a cool dark place for about one to two weeks, and voila, you have a great tasting slightly pink scrummy vodka. To drink, I like to add a little soda water a dash of lemon and some fresh mint leaves, perfect for a pre-Xmas party cocktail.

I’ve since discovered that you can infuse nearly anything in vodka. So while I’m out on the hunt for great dresses over the next few months, I’m also going to be on the hunt for new infusion ideas for unique Christmas prezzies.

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