Christmas: What Not to Buy

With Christmas well on the way, the time for us to start buying, wrapping and secretly hiding gifts is upon us. Every year we are faced with the daunting challenge of buying a suitable present that will be well received and valued by each recipient; this is certainly easier said than done. Whether you’re hoping to buy a fashionable item of clothing, a hi tech piece of equipment or a bundle of the latest toys and games, it’s always important to think about what your buying before you hand over your hard earned cash.

Christmas gifts.

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Taking the time to go out and find the perfect gift shows thoughtfulness, consideration and generosity. Sticking your hand in the bargain bin at your local convenience store and buying the cheapest thing with no chewing gum stuck to it isn’t going to make you very popular this Christmas. So with that in mind, let’s talk seasonal shopping and take a closer look at how you can be sure to deliver this Christmas.

New and fashionable
If you are intending to buy fashionable items of clothing or modern technological devices and gadgets, be sure to source the newest models. Mobile phones are considered a fashion accessory just as much as an expensive hat or scarf so ensure the model you purchase is as modern as possible. This may seem harsh and buying someone an expensive piece of equipment is certainly generous and thoughtful, but buying a phone released in 2010 when there have been two updated models since may seem cheap by comparison.

Critical Kids

Children don’t mess around when it comes to Christmas; they see what they want and they make sure it’s on their letter to Santa. New toys, play kits and computer games are advertised constantly on children’s TV channels (this is especially true on the months approaching Christmas!) so our young ones are more up to date with the latest toys and gadgets than we could possibly imagine. Be sure to encourage your child to write a letter to Santa, this is a fantastic way of seeing what you child really wants. Pick whichever presents are realistic for your budget, and cross them off the list. Combine this with a few ‘stocking fillers’ (new and popular kids DVDs, or smaller toys and collectables work well) and you’re sure to have a nice selection of gifts which are impressive in both quality and quantity.

It’s fair to say that kids really don’t like unwrapping clothes; watching the excitement drain from their faces as they rip open a nice new pack of socks and replace it with a transparent smile that simply says “you’ve failed me” is a disappointing experience. If the young ones need clothes, get them to open them first so they don’t get mixed in with the main feature gifts.

When buying for the extra-young ones, be sure to buy suitable and safe gifts made especially for children in their age range. Babies and toddlers have a tendency to bite and chew whatever they like the look of, so toys with removable parts and small pieces are certainly an accident waiting to happen. Specialist toy ranges include large pieces with no pointed edges, ensuring the little ones can play safely with their new toys!

Don’t Spoil the Surprise

A great way of giving someone a Christmas to remember is by surprising them completely with a gift they really wanted. The key to this is to ensure they have no idea what you are intending to buy, although throwing them off may prove quite difficult. Try to find out exactly what they want a month (or ideally two) in advance, picking up on a potential gift in conversation and logging it in your mind is a nice subtle way of finding out. Alternatively ask family and friends if the person in question has mentioned an item they would love to get their hands on (also, this would be a good time to make sure no one else is buying him/her the same gift).

Written by Daniel Travis – Brown on behalf of Designo Radiators, a supplier of designer radiators , follow him on Twitter @DanTravisBrown

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