3 Gift Ideas For Those Hard To Buy For Friends

It’s coming up on the holiday season, which means that we all have to start looking at our friends in a different light, earmarking everything that they have to say and tucking it away for future gift-buying reference.

And of course, we all have those friends who drop no hints and always insist that you don’t have to get them a gift. But it’s all about the chase, right? So, most of the time, it is these friends that you work the hardest to find that perfect gift for. If you’re starting to stall out on ideas, though, here are a few –

For The Love Of Music

Yes, I know, I’m stereotyping. But don’t we all have that audiophile friend – or the rocker? The one who has a separate external hard drive just for their 10,000 + song music library? Or someone who actually prefers the sound quality of a record player?

If they are more the rocker – why not get them a new piece of hardware – if you can’t afford to get them a new instrument (guitar or otherwise) why not get them a new accessory? Most musicians are in an eternal state of things-breaking-down, whether they need a new amp or new cables, new guitar strings, new pedals or a new strap – there is bound to be something that they would like. Just tag along to their next gig or practice and take note of what it is they whine about the most!

If you’re really very confident of their music tastes, get tickets to the next concert of their favorite band. If you don’t know their music taste, get a gift certificate to the nearest music store – and if they have records, all the better!

Ave Maria

You may have a religious friend that is more interested in the spiritual rather than superficial meaning of the holiday season – which makes them quite difficult to buy a gift for. If you really want to buy something for them that shows your genuine care for them as a person, there are a few different angles you can take.

One of the most selfless angles that you can take is to donate to any given charity (especially if it is a cause that they are particularly verbal about) in their name. It shows that you care and take notice, but at the same time it is not a material gift, but one that benefits the greater good.

If your friend is one that likes to demonstrate the power of faith, why not get them a nativity set (or even an outdoor nativity scene) as a reminder of the birth of Christ during this upcoming holiday season?

All Work And No Play

We all have those friends that are stress freaks, the ones who live on caffeine and red bull and seem to always have their business phone glued to their ear or are constantly sending emails on their smart phone. I have one word for them. Relax!

This holiday season why not get the friend that has no free time because they’re always working something that will slow them down and make them relax?

There are varying commitments you can make with this gift. Anything from a gift certificate for a one-hour massage, yoga classes, a stay-cation for a weekend at a local hotel or a full blown spa retreat (that, of course, you buy book for yourself as well).

And if you’re really stuck as to what to get someone, there is always the old fallback – a bottle of good red wine.

Ann Michaels always looks forward to the holiday season – seeing all the light displays and nativity scenes with the snow falling makes her feel like a kid again. She has been a writer for as long as she can remember, but has only recently begun writing professionally.

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