10 Ways To Use Garland For Christmas Decorations

It was many years ago that the first settlers of America brought the tradition of garland in decorating their homes.  Oftentimes they used things found in nature to create their garland.  Items such as evergreen branches, leaves, and berries were strong and woven together to form beautiful decorations for the household.

The tradition of garland continues today and is the main decoration that is used by households, malls, businesses and pretty much everyone around the world at Christmas time.  The options we have for garland today are really major, especially as compared to the early settlers who could only turn to nature to create these beautiful decoration items.

Tips For Decorating With Garland

  1. Should there be a new baby in the house one of the greatest Christmas traditions is baby’s first ornament, which makes a great Christmas gift for babies in their first year after birth. These types of special ornaments can be hung from a decorative garland across the fireplace.

  2. Some of the most gorgeous garlands come in silver and gold, use these to highlight special areas in the home, like where the stockings are hanging.

  3. These days we have an unlimited amount of colors, and textures to choose from.  There are many stores that sell an assortment of garland including gorgeous colors such as, natural greens, reds, blues, multicolor garlands and even purples.  Take advantage of this and select garland that will match your home’ decor.

  4. One of the most gorgeous ways to use garland is to wrap it with a tiny Christmas lights.  You can use any color garland that you wish or stick with the traditional green and wrapped through it some type of matching Christmas light.

  5. One of the most gorgeous options for this is too wrap silver garland and blue Christmas lights. This is great for Winter Wonderland decorative themes.

  6. Buy some of the garland that comes with a thin wire so you can bend it and shape it.  Then create circles that will go around the base of candles and and weave red holly berries throughout the garland base.

  7. Wrap garland around the curtain rods in your home, this is a fantastic way to easily create a festive look.

  8. Staircases and banisters are some of the best places to get creative with garland, including simple weaving of a basic garland through banisters to elaborate decorations.  On a staircase you can do a lot of things with a garland: weave lights through it, hang ornaments off the garland; weave in silk Poinsettias, spray green garland with fake snow and add some silver glitter on top, the possibilities are endless.

  9. Use garland on Christmas trees and get creative.  Weave together several colors of garland, or use color foil garland to match your other tree trimmings or you can make garland with your kids.

  10. Homemade Garland Ideas
    Making homemade garland is a wonderful way to bond with kids and stimulate their imaginations.  Garland can be made out of popcorn, mini pictures of the family, nature items collected outside, such as acorns, and any other items that you may wish to choose.  One great idea is to take white tissue paper have kids design and cutout snowflakes from it and then decorate it as they wish with glitter, markers and even stickers. Then use a hole puncher to make mall holes at the top of the snowflakes and string it to make a really great garland that can be hung anywhere.

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