What Does A Christmas Card Say About You?

Sending Christmas cards is something which we all do over the festive period, but have you ever considered exactly what your Christmas card says about you?

The type of Christmas card that you send to others can say a lot about you, so how should you decide what to send and what considerations should be made? With such a vast range of Christmas cards available it can be difficult to know what the best personal choice is for you. Here are a few examples of Christmas cards you could send and what they say about you.

Type of Card: E-Card

E-cards, or electronic cards, are a great way to send personalised greetings whilst saving on the cost of postage and materials. A number of e-cards can be sent for free and allow you to spread the Christmas cheer in a musical, and potentially animated, way.

What It Says:

E-cards can say a lot about the person depending on how much effort goes into their creation. Those which have been given a lot of thought will generally show a certain level of creativity along with an interest in modern technology. These cards are often viewed as novel, or fun, pieces and can therefore be sent in addition to a traditional card in order to make people feel extra special.

Type of Card: Home Made

Home-made cards are the perfect way to send a personalised greeting to friends and family members. They can either feature completely individual designs or can be based on templates or pre-made styles, depending on your preference and level of skill.

What It Says:

Home-made cards show that you have put a lot of thought and effort into your Christmas greeting. They show that you are a kind and caring individual who likes to be different and unique, sending something which cannot be purchased in a shop. Home-made items are always popular and are an especially good idea for children who wish to send Christmas cards to their parents or family members.

Type of Card: Photo Card

Photo cards are a form of personalised Christmas card which allow users to have a photograph re-created on the front of the card. They provide a professional but personal greeting that is designed to spread the Christmas cheer in an innovative and unique fashion.

What It Says?

Photo Christmas cards show that you are a creative individual who wants to create a professional and beautiful looking card. They show that you are focused on your family and friends. They also help others to reminisce over memories which may, or may not, be depicted in the photograph which is used. Photo cards allow the recipient to feel special and appreciated, demonstrating how the sender has put time and thought into the creation of a Christmas card which is unique and personal. Photo Christmas cards are often sent to family members who do not live close by, allowing them to get a greeting and a photo of their family at once.

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