The Art Of Online Shopping This Christmas

We’re only a couple of months away from Christmas and with our supermarkets adorned with reindeer and miniature dancing Santa’s, how could anyone forget? You either love or hate Christmas, but one thing is for certain, you will never be able to avoid it. For some, this is great, as they love nothing more than high street hunting on a brisk winter’s day. For others, it can be a stressful time of year they feel the financial strain more than ever. Fortunately, with the growth of e-commerce over the last ten years there is now no need to worry about paying hugely marked up high street prices for Christmas gifts. Shopping online is quicker and easier than ever and if you haven’t started already, then book yourself a day at home with your laptop and a mug of hot chocolate, here’s a few additional tip offs that will make this Christmas fun and inexpensive:

1: Voucher Codes

To get the very best prices this Christmas, always look for voucher codes before making a purchase. Codes are usually entered at the checkout and in the lead up to Christmas you’ll find that voucher codes are being thrown around all over the place, offering you huge savings. A simple Google search for ‘coupon codes’ or ‘voucher codes’ should see plenty of returned websites for you to browse and if you invest the time you can get products at rock bottom prices. Be sure to sign up to company newsletters too and keep track of their social media sites as this is usually where they release the information first, allowing you to avoid those disappointing ‘Out Of Stock’ messages.

2: Invisible Hand Tool

Invisible Hand is a Firefox add on extension which provides a small pop up message in your browser tab to show you any potentially better offers from other online retailers when you search for a product in Google or within a site such as Amazon. The tool covers everything from video games to perfumes and provides information from well over 500 popular vendors in the UK, US and Germany. Better yet, the tool is free so you can start using it today!

3: Money Supermarket

You’ve probably seen the money supermarket TV adverts, but make sure you lend some time to the website! Money supermarket is a price comparison website and in the run up to Christmas time it may be a great way to identify new ways for you to save money and free up funds for presents. For example if you have a bad credit rating, you may want to research adverse credit cards comparisons. Alternatively, you may just want to find the best restaurant deals available for your office party. Money Supermarket covers a host of different industries and if you’re looking to improve your financial position for Christmas and the New Year, there’s no better place to start.

4: eBay

If you haven’t ever used eBay before or you’re currently not using it to look for best priced products, you are truly missing out. eBay is not only great for hunting down bargains on used products but you can also find great auctions for new products too. If you dedicate enough time, there are some pretty cool ways of finding the best deals. for example is a website which allows you to look for misspelled eBay items. Due to the items being misspelled (think Lap Top rather than Laptop), nobody searches for them and you can swoop in and buy an tie up a deal at an awesome price. is also a great website for finding last minute eBay auctions that still have no bids. Meaning you can pick up items for as little as 1p.

5: Gift Generator

If you’re really tearing your hair out at what to buy someone this Christmas and don’t want to spend another year feeling guilty about just buying them another pair of socks, there are thankfully a wealth of websites online that offer unique and interesting gifts that you probably won’t be able to find in a high street store. Sites such as and all offer weird and wonderful gifts and gadgets that should spark some wonderful gift baring ideas. Better yet, sites such as offer gift suggestions based on specifications such as age, hobbies and budget.

Scott is a writer who unquestionably will be using a gift generating tool this Christmas as socks, chocolates and flowers just aren’t cutting it for most of his family anymore.

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