Sesame Street Let’s Rock Elmo Toy


What small child doesn’t love to see and hear music being played? Maybe you have a budding rocker on your hands?

Elmo from Sesame Street remains as popular as ever with the kids because he loves to make a BIG noise – the new Lets Rock Elmo toy should go down a storm with your little ones.

It’s designed mainly for toddlers and pre-schoolers and you can watch their eyes light up when Elmo belts out some rocking tunes on his drum-kit and tambourine while he dances along to the grooves.

You can even add other instruments in to the mix and Elmo’s clever enough to recognize and interact with them.

Main Features

  • Elmo comes with his own microphone, a tambourine and a drum set.
  • Kids can choose which instrument Elmo plays – he recognizes which one you give him.
  • Elmo also interacts with other LET’S ROCK instruments which are sold separately; he knows when you’re playing the guitar or keyboard and plays along with you!
  • Elmo sings 6 rocking songs – if your child has an instrument handy he/she can join in! Or he/she can even play Elmo’s instruments – ideal for small hands!
  • Dressed in a concert-style T-shirt, Elmo is ready to sing and make music.
  • May help developmental and motor skills of your child.
  • Durable and can withstand toddler wear and tear.
  • 6 AA batteries required (included)


The retail price of the Let’s Rock Elmo toy is around $70 but you can get a healthy discount on that price online. This is likely to be a popular Christmas gift and stocks in your local shop may run out fast. When this happens prices online often go up as vendors take adavantage of the high demand. The moral is don’t leave your Christmas shopping to the last minute.

Suitable For…

Children over the age of 18 months.

Buyer Reviews

As expected, parents report almost entirely positive experiences from their toddlers with the Let’s Rock Elmo toy. It’s a born winner and will probably have to be taken everywhere you go. Sesame Street never goes out of fashion and your kids will love it for as long as they are the right age.

Some parents have been delighted that it has shown how interactive and joyful music can be to their child; others say that it has helped their child’s co-ordination and motor skills.

They love how Elmo’s capable of holding the (nonfunctional) mike and playing both instruments, as well as dancing along to the music.

One word of warning from users – be a little careful that your child doesn’t play too roughly with Elmo’s arms as they can break and stop poor Elmo from playing his drum set! All in all a great toy for Christmas and any child that loves Sesame Street.

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