Ideas for custom Christmas Gifts

With the Christmas period fast approaching, the issue of buying presents for loved ones is now firmly on the horizon, and the age-old problems that we all seem to come up with at this time of year are cropping up again. Some people are incredibly difficult to buy for and seem to have had bought for them every conceivable gift at some point in the past already, whilst others received so good a present from you last time round that anything less than spectacular this year will seem paltry in comparison. If all this sounds familiar, then help is at hand, because a personalised Christmas gift might just be your ticket out of this annual conundrum.

  • Personalised mugs, t-shirts, caps, placemats etc., are a decent way to turn what can be a very dull and expected Christmas gift into lasting and, dare I say it, heartfelt present. Getting all the resources in check for something like this is also fairly easy, and has the added benefit of taking some of the stress out of the period, leaving you with a finished product that could come from nobody else.


  • Home-made projects by children are perfect as presents for some family members, notably grandparents, and if presented nicely will always be appreciated and on show in their home. They’re also a good excuse to get involved with the kids doing a fun activity.


  • If spending a little more time and money on someone special this year is an option, then look no further than a personalised licence plate. Although they can be costly, and the admin is both time-consuming and expensive in its own right, not much can beat your very own number plate, especially if it’s adorning the front and back of a new car!


  • Old or young, boy or girl, chocolate is a sure-fire winner in the present giving stakes. Some high-end chocolate with a custom message on can make selection boxes in front of the TV look positively barbaric, and most confectioners now offer this service for added ease.


  • Lastly, a digital photo frame is a good way to make use of all those photos lingering on the hard drive whilst also providing a loved one with their very own slideshow of some classic moments. Load up the frame before placing back in its packaging, and then see it come to life on Christmas morning.

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