Have a Home Audio Love in Your Life? Here are some Great Gift Ideas

People who love technology and home audio can be rather obsessive about their hobby. They are also very particular about what they like and what they don’t. It’s difficult to buy gifts for these people because chances are they already own some of the best equipment in each key category. And it’s always disappointing to find out that you purchase something that someone doesn’t quite like. But if you have a picky audiophile in your life who you want to surprise, now is your chance because here are some great gift ideas that are perfect for any occasion. These are top selections in different categories of home entertainment, and one of them is bound to be the right choice for a great gift.

The Bose 161 Bookshelf Speaker System – will start off simple with a basic set of speakers that sets itself apart because of wireless capability and the ability to use them at varying heights. They work great low to the ground or upon a bookshelf as suggested by the product name. This is a safe bet even if someone already owns a comprehensive speaker system because this product can be used as a supplement that will further bolster sound in the room.

Sennheiser RS 180 Wireless Headphones for TV – wireless technology is simply amazing these days, and the Sennheiser product is a prime example of the power you can get. The transmitter is strong enough to send a strong signal through walls and you don’t have to be anywhere near in sight of it in order for the headphones to work. It delivers quality sound and enhances television, music, and movies in an impressive package that makes home entertainment a lot more fun.

Ear Force PX5 Surround Wireless Gaming Headset with Bluetooth – videogame lovers are absolutely going to cool over what is arguably the best gaming headset on the market. In addition to full wireless capability, it comes with on-the-fly controls and presets that will transport any gamer into a new environment. It elevates sound, narrows down on details, and filters out unnecessary noise. It all adds up to a product that makes video games more fun in addition to making any player better.

The Magic Sing ET-19K Karaoke Microphones – chances are this will definitely be an upgrade for any karaoke machine that somebody already owns. This is the latest model in the Magic Sing line and it’s loaded with goodies for any music lover. It comes with over 2000 songs already built into the system and the ability to increase your collection with further song chips. It also has two wireless microphones, built-in games, and the ability to integrate seamlessly with a pre-existing home entertainment system.

LG LHB976 1100W 3D Blu-ray Home Theater with Smart TV – you’re probably not going to buy this gift for a friend or even a family member since it cost so much. But if you want to give your immediate family a huge treat this Christmas, then this home entertainment system is the way to go. It comes complete with the latest technology that takes advantage of visuals and audio in a whole new way. Anything you could ever want is included in this package and it might just make it impossible for you to want to ever leave your entertainment room again.

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