Give That Guy a Crazy Little Christmas Gift

Usually the best way to pick a Christmas gift for a man is to suit the gift to the giftee. Carefully consider their interests, likes, and hobbies. Mine their friends and relations for ideas and then strike.

Some guys just want to laugh, though, and some friendships call for… a different approach.

Go Crazy or Go Home

Choosing a crazy Christmas gift for a guy can add an extra element of fun to the occasion. Crazy gifts are certainly more fun for you to pick out and if you know your gift recipient well they can be more fun for your gift recipient as well.

Imagine going to your family Christmas party and getting 10 gift certificates to Home Depot and one Nerf Battle Ax, which gift are you going to remember?

The general idea of getting something age-innapropriate for your gift recipient has and endless well of gift ideas.

Dangerously Crazy

For guys Crazy Christmas ideas are particularly easy to come up with. Go to Toys R’ Us ans pick up the toy that looks like it is most likely to earn the toy company a lawsuit and you have probably found a great crazy Christmas gift.

Nerf weapons are one of my favorite gifts to give someone, but remote control cars can be fun for the right guy, as can lawn darts (if you can find them), bb guns or a sled.

Nothing says guys night out like a case of beer, a dozen sleds, and the 26th of December off of work.

Make All His Childhood Dreams Come True

Alternatively you might be able to give both a thoughtful gift and a crazy gift by asking the guy’s parents what he wanted when he was a kid.

This is easy, of course, if you are shopping for your brother, but even if you are buying a gift for a friend you probably have access to his parents through FaceBook. We live in wonderful and slightly creepy times.

Most parents are happy to share stories of their kids’ misspent youth, just make sure that you ask far enough in advance to give them time to respond.

Wrapping up the Package

To complete the theme try wrapping your guy’s crazy Christmas Gift in the Sunday funnies or branded gift wrap from your son’s favorite Saturday morning cartoon.  Your gift will already probably stand out from the other neatly wrapped boxes and gift card envelopes by being a different shape.  Getting some anticipation started before he even tears into the paper just makes the whole experience more fun.

If you are going to go crazy, you might as well go all the way.  Hopefully these gift ideas have gotten you thinking and given you some ideas to make your gift recipient’s Christmas the craziest yet.

Eric Baldwin writes about gift ideas both thoughtful and fun at

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