Five Useful Tips for Shopping Online

The arrival of the holiday season has heralded the scramble for shopping for people from diverse cultures and countries from all parts of the globe. Universally accepted as a wonderful period in the year for everyone, the pleasure is multiplied where you are in the midst of family and friends, exchanging lovely thoughtful presents among these to accentuate the joy of the occasion. This is particularly a joyous affair and the prospect of shopping for this right gift adds great pleasure to the whole process.

In the older days, all shopping was done in the brick and mortar show rooms, displaying their wares for your pleasure, in all their intensity. With the advent of the Internet and the wide possibilities that it opened for the businesses, initially many shop owners, and thereafter most of them started converting their businesses to the online platform. The two large motivations for this decision were the radically rising cost of real estate and rentals, which were eating into their profits and the fact that they could almost eliminate their overheads by going online. Moreover, online, they had much more space to display and advertise all their wares, which was well neigh impossible due to the space restrictions in the brick and mortar shops.

Most of the shoppers today prefer to do their shopping online from the comforts of their home without having to experience the difficulty of the traffic or the pollution on the roads. Over the years online marketers have sharpened their acumen and are offering phenomenal discounts, which are difficult to resist.

However, with the ease of operation, you have dangers lurking not far behind, and you will have to ensure that you are not a victim of a scam by potentially crooked dealers, whose only intention is to become rich on your money.

Here are five useful tips for shopping online, and if you follow them judiciously, you are bound to have a pleasant and memorable shopping experience.

Select Reputed And Authentic Sites For Your Shopping

The Internet is a vast space, and it is difficult to identify the good from the bad, at first sight. It would be best to do some research on the sites before you plunge headlong and blindly. Asking around and asking the opinion of your friends, would help a great deal in eliminating those apparently wonderful sites that are offering discounts well beyond reality. Many of them only represent websites that really have no online shop for support. However, if you fall into such a trap and raise the payment, it would be an experience which you will live to regret. Additionally, always wake it a point to check the security holograms, their shipping and refund policies and use a secure connection before entering your payment detail. Further, it would be prudent as a thumb rule, never to purchase items advertised via email.

Ensure that your PC is not infected

These are the days of malware, adware and spyware, where someone with malicious intent is always on the prowl for private information about you that could spell your doom, if you are not well guarded against such practices. For this, ensure that your computer is well protected by effective antivirus software, as otherwise, you would never know when your computer gets infected, and at the same time, it would be prudent to ensure that you are also protected against privacy and identify thefts.


Another inconvenience is the spamming resorted to by online traders. To avoid this, it would be ideal to create a separate email account and register them with the online shops, so that your communication will come in this email, and if the shops where to try to spam, you could immediately identify and block them.

Credit is the best payment option

In online shopping, you would be much better off using a credit card rather than a debit card, because the former offer’s protection against identity theft which the later does not do. Further, credit cards cap your liability for fraudulent charges $50 provided you report it in 30 to 60 days. On a debit card, you run the risk of being cleaned out if someone gets access to your codes.

Alternative Payment methods

Credit or debit cards are not the only available methods of the payment. You could use prepaid credit cards, gift cards and even cash delivery. You could also explore the possibility of using portals like by virtue of which you could avoid entering your card details at the time of purchase. This is also favored by online retailers who may chip in with an offer of free shipping and a credit period of six months.

The above Five Useful Tips for Shopping Online will surely stand you in good stead. “Enjoy your shopping.”


Our writer today is Denis, a contributor for Credit Cards Canada a site devoted to provide you information on the best Canadian cash back credit cards and other financial information.

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