Always A Great Gift, The LEGO 7104 Desert Skiff

The LEGO 7104 Desert Skiff was released as one of the sets in the LEGO Star Wars Classic sub theme. This sub theme was created to represent and recreate the characters and vehicles that were shown in the Star Wars Original Trilogy episodes. Although the main characters to be displayed in this sub theme are Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, you will also see Princess Leia, Chewbacca and Hans Solo in a variety of the sets as well. The LEGO 7104 was also included in the 65030 which was a classic Star Wars co-pack released in 2001. That set included 218 pieces as well as four LEGO mini figures.

Based on the events that took place while on board the Tantive IV and also the victory celebration that took place after Death Star II was destroyed, this sub theme includes the most sets to ever be released by LEGO. The reason for this massive sub theme is mostly because it covered events and stories from three different Star Wars movies. All of the mini figures in this sub theme that were released before 2005 have the classic yellow skin. LEGO did not start making their mini figures look and feel more realistic until about 2006.

Luke Skywalker and Han Solo decide to Hijack a Skiff in the classic LEGO 7104 set that was released in the year 2000. This particular set only comes with 53 bricks and two LEGO Mini figures but is still considered to be an extraordinary addition to any LEGO collection. Given that this is a very simple and basic set to put together, it should take you a very small amount of time to assemble your desert skiff for your collection. With this set being such a simple one this is why it is recommended for children ages 6-10. LEGO has come a long way Since this set was released 11 years ago and has made very many steps since this time. Even though the technology and architectural skills in this set are minimal, collectors are still trying to purchase this set today because of how rare every piece included in this set is.

The Hans Solo mini figure in this set comes with a black spear. He is dressed in skiff fatigues wearing a tan shirt, and has brown slacks. His skin is yellow and his hair is brown. The Luke Skywalker mini figure is dressed as a Jedi knight wearing his black suite and is also equipped with a Light Saber. His skin is also the classic mini figure color yellow and his hair is blond. The desert skiff is a long and somewhat narrow ship that has two wings and a walking plank going off the edge of the ship. The walking plank is one of the main attractions in this set because of Luke Skywalker lunging off this in the movie and bouncing right back up to save Hans Solo and the others. This is a very difficult set to locate and it is highly unlikely to find it sold in stores brand new. So your best chances are shopping online if your interested in this particular Star Wars LEGO set.

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