4 Health Conscious Gifts To Round Out the Holidays

While it’s probably not true that we gain 5-10 pounds during the Holidays – after all that would be 100 pounds every decade, right? – it is true that the holidays tend to be a time of indulgence in all our favorite sweets and comfort foods. What better way then to promote good health during this time than to buy gifts that make healthy decisions a little bit easier to make?

One of my favorite health conscious gifts, given to about half a dozen friends and relatives over the last 5 years, is to a buy a food processor juicer for them along with a complimentary bag of goodies to get them started: a couple apples, a bag of carrots, and and a few vegetables. It’s amazing how fast people start using the food processor juicer when you include something for them to juice with the gift! Juicing is one of those things that people can sometimes get obsessed with, and this is a very healthy obsession to have. I’m very happy to see my parents using their juicer nearly every day still thanks for my gift.

A really cool gift for my nephew last year was The Perfect Pushup. This is one of those “As Seen on TV” pieces of exercise equipment that’s gotten a lot of attention and is popular with the guys. Designed by a former Navy Seal, the Perfect Pushup is a set of cushioned handles that rotate and allow for various muscles to be hit and worked through pushups. It also comes with a workout program but mostly I think my nephews just use it to compete with one another in pushup contests. Might you have some teenaged nephews on your list who might like to rock the Perfect Pushup? Trust me, they won’t even suspect you’re trying to promote healthy behavior!

This next item is a great one but let me give a warning first: you’d better be careful knowing how it will be received, as you don’t want to imply anything negative. I’m talking about the thigh and butt Toning Shoes that have become quite popular with women. This gift is best for women you know well who might have dropped hints about “those neat shoes that tone your body.”

Finally, the last gift I want to recommend that fits in with our theme of supporting healthy decisions takes a very unhealthy, old fashioned holiday gift and turns it on its head: the Healthy Gift Basket. Instead of a basket full of artery clogging cheese and processed sausage, you get organic vegetable chips, trail mix, organic chocolate bars, dried fruits, and more delicious healthy foods. I love these gift baskets!

Oh, and if you’re curious, turns out the average American gains about a pound of weight around the holidays according to an NIH study from 2000. Not bad but we can still do without it, right?

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students travel insurance says:

That quite interesting gift for a health conscious person but a person like me,always want a play station 🙂

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