Christmas – A Season of Blissful Tidings

The celebration of Christmas is a season that unfurls love and festivity among people who may be otherwise caught up in the busy schedules of their regular lives. In this month of December is that time of the year when people come together to join in happiness and joy of the celebration mood. Traditionally Christmas marks the time of birth for Jesus Christ the lord of the worldwide Christian community who was born on this day. There are many days and possible dates that have been specified by historians on the basis of their deductions but this festivity of many colors of joy has been one of the chief attractions of this time of the year throughout the world. Its popularity and traditions have been also adopted by a large number of non Christians too who celebrate the occasion with same fervor and spirit.

The 25th day of December is marked as the day of celebration for the birth of Jesus Christ. However another important part of this celebration is 24th of December which is celebrated as the eve of Christmas when the lord was born late into the hours of the night. This blissful part of the celebrations is marked by social gatherings of celebrations among people and prayer services of the midnight mass that is held at Churches the world over. There are several other parts of the celebration of the eve which is popular and awaited with great excitement.

One of the special celebrations of Christmas Eve is the tradition of gifts and Santa Claus. People and especially children wait for him to arrive and bring them their choicest gifts. There are several legends of this messenger of peace, hope and beautiful gifts that brings across a message of love for the people. There are social gatherings and events organized for children with someone playing the role of Santa Claus – the red robes and the cap with white hair and beard; all the makings of great times of celebration.

There is a Christmas tree which is a very central part of the celebrations. These are available for purchase which is then taken indoors to be decorated by members of the family in the best of colorful gaiety. There are bells and stars along with colorful lights and laces used for the beautiful décor of the tree. At the base of this all Christmas presents are usually found stacked to be taken and opened on the day of celebration. It becomes a place for families to gather on the morning of Christmas and open their gifts as they exchange laughter and moments of eternal happiness in the presence of their loved ones.

The day of Christmas is marked by a visit to the Church even for those who are not ardent believers and usually stay away from this venue for the rest of the year. There are several other gatherings but one of the most important of the day is the special family dinner. This is a place of meeting and sharing happiness; that time of the year which brings people closer.

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