Awesome Gifts for the Man in Your Life

Does that special man in your life seem to have absolutely everything? If the holidays or his birthday is on the horizon, you might be panicking about what to give him. Here are a few great ideas, ranging from inexpensive gifts if you’re a new couple or on a budget to extravagant gifts for long-term couples!

  • His Favorite Meal

Instead of going out to eat, do something more personal and cook him his favorite meal at home. If you’re already good in the kitchen, it shouldn’t be hard to whip up whatever he requests, but even if you rarely use your oven, it’s worth learning a recipe to make a special meal for him. Want to go the extra mile? Spend an afternoon with his mom learning how to cook one of his favorite meals from childhood.

  • Concert Tickets

For the man who has everything, give him the gift of a great experience together. Buying some concert tickets to see his favorite band is a great choice, even if you have to get them well in advance. If your favorite fella isn’t a music person, consider instead tickets to a sporting event, art festival, or other type of event that fits his interests well. Even if it isn’t something you would typically want to do, part of the gift is spending time together.

  • A Luxury Grill

Most guys love grilling in the summer, and if your guy is no exception to this rule, consider purchasing a luxury grill to call his own. Grills can be expensive, but if you shop at the right time (at the end of summer), you can actually get some really great deals. Grills are always more expensive in the spring, so plan ahead.

  • A Vacation Together

Like with tickets to events, taking a vacation together is a great idea for a gift. Think about where he’d like to go, even if it isn’t the destination you’d choose, and be considerate of things like his work schedule, his preferences to fly or drive, and more.

  • Motorcycle

Want a big-ticket item for that extra-special occasion? Consider a motorcycle! Bikes aren’t right for every guy, but many would love the chance to hop on a Harley. Buying a less expensive brand is also an option, and if you know a bit about bikes, you can go the used option to save even more money. Keep in mind that you need special insurance and a special license to drive a motorcycle, so this is an investment beyond the initial price of the bike.

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