Tips When Buying a Refrigerator

Last week, my friend moved to his new house and sought my advice regarding how he should choose and get the compact refrigerator that’s perfect for his new house. After taking lots of research, I have seen that the 1.8 cu ft Emerson CR180 alongside with a cheap Haier HUM013ea are indeed two good products that you can buy for your house.

The measurement of this refrigerator in terms of height, width and depth is 18 x 18.50 x 20, but don’t ever think that this doesn’t come with much space because you’ll be wrong. This also comes with an excellent design and the interior space features 15.75 x 16.14 x 14.17 dimension. You can surely store the all the food you need in this cheap compact refrigerator.

Besides the great space that the Emerson CR180 1.8 cu ft is offering, you can also appreciate the powder-coated finishing that’s making this quality refrigerator look well-designed. The friend of mine who purchased this product kept it in his new bedroom and you’ll be amazed at how this compact refrigerator complements all the other decorations that you may have in your room.

This compact refrigerator has a total capacity of around 54 lit., which means 50 lit for the refrigerator and 4 lit for the freezer. As already mentioned, don’t underestimate this compact refrigerator since this can hold and provide the needed space for your food.

Moreover, this comes with a reversible door that’s made of plastic. There is only one shelf available and it’s made from wire. Each year, this unit only consumes 315 kilowatt hours; thus, making it a great and economical option that customers may find impressive.

What you should do before getting this unit is that you check with the store if the it comes with a limited warranty for one year. I had bought ours from and they offered a warranty and it made the product even better!

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