How to Care for Wedding Ring Sets

After you have chosen a beautiful set of wedding rings, you should always keep those rings shining and beautiful so you can wear them proudly each and every day.  Wedding ring sets come in many different styles and with many different gemstones, so it is advisable to know the cleaning instructions for your particular type of gems before you attempt to clean them.  For instance, you can put chocolate diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and most other colored gemstones in jewelry cleaning solution, but you should not place emeralds or pearls in it.  Also, those two gems should never be put into an ultrasonic cleaning machine.

You can make this task quick and easy if you clean wedding ring sets for bride and groom as well as all of your other jewelry at the same time. Gather these items together and have them all close at hand before you begin: Several soft hand towels, jewelry cleaning solution, a small jewelry brush or soft toothbrush, and an ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machine.

First, place one of the towels in the bottom of the sink and close the drain plug.  Pour enough jewelry solution into the jewelry cleaning machine to cover the rings you are going to clean.  Next, you should place the jewelry in the machine and turn it on.  Follow the directions for your particular machine as far as the amount of time the jewelry should be left in the machine.  Once the jewelry is clean, remove it and rinse it with clear warm water in the sink.  Place the jewelry on the other soft towel to dry.  If you do not have a jewelry cleaning machine, simply place the jewelry in the solution for a few minutes, and then use a soft brush to scrub the jewelry clean.  Rinse and place the rings on the towel to dry.  Always remember to let the jewelry dry completely before storing it.

To keep wedding ring sets bright and shining, clean them by following the above steps.  This will ensure that they will always be beautiful and will look as good a everyday as the day you got them.

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Nan "Manual Pasta Machine" Conner says:

You know what works better than jewelry cleaning solution is plain old Dawn dishwashing liqued. I have been using that for decades now and its a lot cheaper than the cleaning solutions sold in the stores.

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31 Aug 11 @ 2pm

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