Wine Storage by Sub-Zero Preservation

A number of product reviewers and customers would assert that they find the Sub Zero wine refrigerator generally superior to other wine coolers and refrigerators made by other brands in terms of features and quality.  Although refrigerators from Sub-Zero Preservation may fall in short in terms of price, you still can’t deny the grandeur and the innovation that they showcase.  If you are prioritizing quality over price then you had better take advantage on the efficiency of wine preservation that Sub-Zero has to offer.

Whether you want a freestanding undercounter wine refrigerator or a magnanimous built-in wine refrigerator, Sub-Zero Preservation has in store for you a special collection of the best wine refrigerators – and these refrigerators may be the best of its category in the industry today.    Wine refrigerators from Sub-Zero Preservation are not only highly acclaimed for their appealing exterior designs and configurations, they are also best known for their innovation such as dual zone technology and Star K compliance.

Wine refrigerators manufactured by Sub-Zero, technically known as “wine storage,” vary in terms of installation and configuration.  If you are looking for a freestanding wine storage, you can choose the Sub-Zero 424 Freestanding Wine Storage is highly recommended for you.  If you prefer your wine refrigerator to be seamlessly integrated into the existing cabinetry, then there are also Sub-Zero wine storage designs that are precisely made to be so.  Lastly, if you want a combo unit – a wine storage and refrigerator in one model – then the Sub-Zero 427R is the best option to choose.

Although Subzero pricing quotes may seem to high for comfort, the perks of having all your wine collection stored and preserved in a Sub-Zero wine refrigerator is definitely priceless.  After all, the real exquisite taste of a good wine can only be experience if it’s stored the right way.  And Sub-Zero can make this possible.

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Juliet Johnson says:

Useful information I got here but I’d like to know more about the ideal temperature for wine storage and how do Sub-Zero products meet the standard temperature and humidity for wine storage. I’ve read a lot about proper wine storage and it would be helpful to know what Sub-Zero can offer.

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12 Aug 11 @ 4am

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