Top 7 Romantic Home Decor Ideas

If you thought romantic decorating was only for Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, you should think again. You can be creative and bring a sensual feel to any room in your home all year long. Romance is not only a state of mind in decorating it is the colors, accents and the flow of energy that is present in a room. Here are 7 tips to create a romantic atmosphere in your home. You will find at least one tip for every room in the house.

  1. Colors create feelings. Make a beautiful and romantic corner in the living room. Using delicate pinks and other pastels.  Choose seating that is conducive to intimacy if not a love seat, use two matching chairs and angle them toward each other.  Throw in a few statement pieces like a gilded mirror to complete the setting.
  2. Nothing says romance like flowers. Large flowers that are powerful enough to stand alone can be used to accent a table in any room. Magnolias and orchids are favorites for decorating with a romantic bent. These flowers can be placed in a beautiful bowl of water and not need any other adornments.
  3. The furniture of the Louis XVI lends itself to romanticism. Wing back chairs and sofas are just as romantic as they are formal. Create a quiet nook and add a chandelier for soft romantic lighting. The use of ornate mirrors and tiered scones will give the room a feel of old New Orleans.
  4. In the kitchen take a tip from the Beverly Hills Hotel, by using oversized leaves or beautiful vines on a wallpaper. This is a classic way to add not only beauty but continuity throughout the room.
  5. A Kitchen can be as romantic in its own right as any boudoir. The right furnishings and lighting can make a breakfast nook the perfect place to start the day with the one you love.  A glass table surrounded by wrought iron cushioned chairs coupled with a killer center piece is all that you will need. The table and chairs should be painted in a soft pastel with matching cushions for the chairs.
  6. Even the hallways can be decorated in a more romantic style. Etched Venetian mirrors will definitely bring out the highlights in a hall or entryway. Refinish an antique dresser or commode in venetian blue to add to the effect.
  7. Dress up the master bedroom with and iron canopy bed. This gives you the options to change the draperies with the seasons. But with a black iron bed any of the soft colors or even a stark white linen will add to the romantic atmosphere.

Romance is in the air and you can breathe it all year long simply by incorporating a few of these decorating ideas. Look for more ideas like these online and you can also find some great buys  there as well.


Amy C. is a interior decoration aficionado.  She enjoys testing and trying new themes of decorating home and office.  In addition to being an interior decoration hobbyist, she enjoys designing calming indoor fountains and glass art.  Amy invites you to browse her delightful collection of glass vases and water fountains to decorate your indoors.


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