Perfume Review: Fahrenheit Absolute for Women

Fahrenheit Absolute was launched in 2009 and it’s the third fragrance within the line of Fahrenheit. The design of the bottle is similar to the one of the original version, with also a common note of violet and leather. The similarities however end here, as the fragrance shows a not very usual variety of resins. The ads for Fahrenheit Absolute are more aggressive in this case. They still show a man in front of a landscape like in the original and in Fahrenheit 32, but this time the rock is a volcano. The declared notes are: violet, leather, resin, myrrh, incense, and agar wood.

In the opening the fragrance is accompanied by a distinct and dominant violet, which is fresh and slightly powdery. It is accompanied by other notes of sweet resin, with a growing, slightly animal touch with spices. The middle phase arrives after 15 minutes and it’s marked by the apparition of a very intense spicy note, similar to cumin, mixed with opaque resins and traces of wood. At this point the notes remind of bodily odor, but the passage is in any case very short, not longer than 5 minutes. This potentially unpleasant phase is probably due to the conversion of different resins, which quickly evolve independently. There spices are quite intense, almost red hot and gradually become dominant, through the base notes, where it reminds of a warmer version of the ending of Jo Malone perfume Lotus Blossom and Water Lily.

The idea given by the first whiff is of a dense, wintry, formal perfume, but the final result is fresher, thanks to sweet amber, and a violet. The style is good for any time of the year, and more flexible than the original Fahrenheit Dior, suitable for a wider range of occasions, although still very intense. For a night use it tends towards the elegant and semi-informal, with violets and resins standing out, especially for a romantic use.

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