Big Time Features in Small Fridges

Contrary to what other people might have thought about mini fridges, they are not necessarily the types of refrigerators that are limited in terms of features and functions.  While it is true that a portable mini fridge is usually  only made to cater to the most basic features, leading portable refrigeration brands like Summit and GE have redefined the mini refrigerator design such that even though the size and the capacity is greatly compromised, there are additional features and innovative functionalities bundled in it making it such an outstanding buy.

Some of the features that make small scale fridges huge deals in terms of features and qualities include the following: frost-free functionality, door lock, interior light, adjustable racks and shelves, and an overall CFC-free refrigeration system.  Most of the mini refrigerators that are sold in the past didn’t have the frost-free feature which means that you have to manually defrost them.  However, in the new Summit mini fridges, they are incorporated with timer defrost heater so that you don’t have to deal with the mounting accumulation of frost inside the fridge.  Both GE and Summit offer door lock functionalities and a chance to save a huge space in their respective versions of mini fridges.  Because you can adjust the racks and shelves, you will have a better take on space efficiency based on the food supplies and beverages that you store inside.

The CFC-free feature in fridges is also an important consideration to look after.  Usually, when a fridge has such functionality, relatively it is also marked with a seal from Energy Star – meaning it can save you a lot of energy cost.

With the convenience of space and the portability feature, mini fridges are also referred to as the cheap refrigerators.  What could possibly go wrong if you buy one for yourself?

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