Giving Paris Hilton Perfume as Gifts

Being an aunt is not that easy. When birthday and holiday season comes, you have to be ready with your gift. Well, just a kid back then I also would want someone to receive gifts. You can’t deny the feeling when you open a present, it is just remarkable. Way back when I was a kid, I usually open all the gifts even though it is not mine, I just love opening gifts. But now, I will have to give them gifts and watch them open it joyfully.

There is nothing much more to ask when you see your niece and nephew open their presents with smile on their faces. It is just something that I want to remember. There was a time when my niece told me that what she wants for her birthday is a Paris Hilton perfume. I was shocked when I heard what she said, at her age she wants that kind of perfume? Well, I can’t deny the generations today. Before and now are just too different worlds apart. What we thought before is really different to the thinking of the teenagers nowadays.

I was confused if I have to buy her a Paris Hilton perfume or just buy her something other than that. I wouldn’t want her to be disappointed and hurriedly went to the perfume outlet get one for her. At first glance, I was confused to what type of scent to choose and asked the saleslady which I will pick. She let me smell it and indeed the scent was nice.

I didn’t bother to smell the other Paris Hilton perfume because I know all of them smell nice and wouldn’t want to take a lot of my time just trying to sniff all the perfumes. When her birthday comes, I gave her the gift. She wasn’t even expecting to receive that Paris Hilton perfume. She hugged me tight and was very thankful. Then I said to myself, I wouldn’t want to forget this day. Just a simple gift would make someone so happy.

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