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A doll pram makes a great gift for any little girl, but as a large toy, they can sometimes be somewhat expensive. A way around this problem is to look on online auction sites such as As well as second hand, gently used toys, many large toy sellers also have eBay accounts, selling brand new stock for much lower prices than you will find in the shops. Looking through eBay is also an easy way to browse through the available styles and you will probably have a lot more choice than buying from a traditional toy store.

Remember when you’re searching for toys on eBay that it may not always be the cheapest option. It’s always a good idea to check out the competition for a particular model such as a Silver Cross dolls pram so you’ve got an idea of what a good price is. For buying second hand items you can use the search function to look for the final price of completed auction listings which will help prevent you from bidding too high.

EBay has procedures in place to protect you as a buyer but you also need to do your own part in ensuring a satisfactory purchase. Do not buy from sellers with lots of negative feedback or even a low feedback score if you want to be safe. Always ask for proof of postage and it’s usually worth paying extra for insurance if it is offered by the seller.

You may also wish to look for some doll pram accessories to match your new purchase. It is usually worth checking the seller’s other items for auction as they often have matching accessories for sale and you can save on shipping costs by buying from just one seller.

As well as the actual cost of the doll pram, be sure to look at the listed price of shipping and handing. This may be included in the listing or you may have to email for a quote.

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