Best Venues for a Christmas Office Party

Best Venues for a Christmas Office Party

Christmas Office Party: 5 of the Best Venues

Planning your office’s Christmas party this year without the help of conference organisers ? Can’t think of a good venue to host the event? Following are some of our suggestions of ideal venues for the Christmas office party that aims to be both fun and respectable…

(1) Bar/Restaurant

Traditional and convenient, you can’t go wrong booking a restaurant for your office Christmas party. Not only would your catering concerns be solved, you wouldn’t have to worry about the music, décor and open bar, as these are often included in any standard booking contract. Look for a restaurant that would lend a special touch to the event, such as one with a stunning view, interesting artwork, cool décor, or a live music show. If you look hard, you are sure to find the right restaurant for the perfect Christmas office party.

(2) Art Gallery

Having your Christmas office party at an art gallery would lend a sophisticated air to the event as the partygoers chat and mingle among interesting works of art. Let the artworks themselves become the subject of office party conversations as your work colleagues discover new things about each other.

(3) Ship/Boat

Impress your bosses and colleagues by booking the office Christmas party on a ship or boat that caters for special events. A cruise along a river, canals, lake, or other body of water, is both unique and beautiful as the partygoers take in the views, the fresh air and relative privacy of the setting. Pretty Clever Events can be held on boats that are outfitted with amenities that can make any party a genuine success.

(4) Museum

Like an art gallery, museums offer a Christmas office party an artistic and educational touch. Partygoers are offered a chance to take an intimate look and learn more about whatever collection is on at the museum. Tour guides at the museum may offer private educational tours to interested parties, as well as special access not usually granted to museum visitors.

(5) Historical Places

Historical places offer more thematic settings than the more traditional types of office party venues. A Christmas party held at a castle or historical house is not likely to be forgotten by its attendees. If this venue option is the most appealing, keep in mind to book somewhere that is accessible for your work colleagues and located not too far away.


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