Turbo Twister RC Stunt Car

The Turbo Twister RC stunt car is a remote control car that gives children a lot of action through the many stunts and feats it can perform. The car has been featured on multiple TV shows across the country, which definitely vouches for its incredible performance. The remote control car is a better model compared to the other models of the manufacturer and comes with a better battery support and a host of features such as light up wheels and integrated car lights.

In addition to these cool features, the car is made of an unbreakable, ultra durable material that allows for long hours of unadulterated game play but you could have to charge the battery since the car is battery operated. Each car measures about 10 inches long and comes with a wireless remote which allows you to control all the features of the car, such as moving sideways, forward or backward. The car also comes with an extra pair of offset wheels which you can use to perform stunts, which includes a backward flip and a 360 degree spin. Priced at around $25 the car seems a little expensive considering that it is not that feature rich but it is definitely popular among children, which makes it worth buying.

The other downside is that the toy works for only about 30 minutes after charging. But again, if your child has their heart set on the Turbo Twister RC Car, you will have to buy this for them. The toy is available in almost every toy store however, buying it online could be a little cheaper since most online retailers offer the product at a discounted price. Be on the lookout for Christmas specials too – that would mean a further price drop. The car can be purchased online from Amazon, Toys R Us and Hobbytron.

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