Resolutions for Decorating on a Budget

When money is tight and the economy is bad, people sometimes tend to trim back on their decorative efforts. This can make setting and attaining resolutions for budget decorators all the more important. But you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice style for cost savings. If you set some New Year’s resolutions and follow through with them throughout the upcoming year, you may find that your budget remains low while your decorative standards remain high. Furthermore, you may find that keeping the resolution for creative, budget friendly ways to decorate is far easier and enjoyable to keep than those of more exercise and a strict diet.

Renew, Reuse, Recycle

If you haven’t started yet, going green with your decorative efforts can be a great New Year’s resolution. Old can be made to look new again. You can reuse items in a new way or recycle them to be formed into new decorative items. It is amazing what can be done with old stuff when it comes to decorating, and it can save you tons of money in the process.

Look To Last Year When Looking Ahead

Looking at last year and where your successes and failures lay can be a good way to set new and better resolutions for the upcoming year. Take a look at your budget and consider which areas of your home still have room for improvement. If you spent too much money buying new accessories, consider resale options for this year. If your floral décor broke the budget last year, maybe you’ll want to grow your own plants and flowers this year or find a new, more budget-friendly supplier. Taking your budget line by line can help you pinpoint where your areas for improvement are for the upcoming year.

Quality over Quantity

Often one piece of quality furniture or accessory will outshine a room full of cheap items. It’s important to remember quality doesn’t necessarily have to mean expensive.  Check with your local furniture makers and consignment shops to find quality pieces at affordable prices.

Find New Ideas

One resolution you might consider for the New Year may include setting some extra time aside to find new and different budget-friendly ideas and techniques. Whether by way of friends, family, books, newspapers, magazines, or the Internet, educating yourself to new, money saving decorating ideas and methods can be a great resolution to help you in increasing your budget decorating efficiency.


Your particular decorative needs and style may influence what your resolutions for the New Year will be and how you go about setting and achieving these resolutions. It is important to remember however, that while resolutions at the beginning of the year may help set a guideline for the remainder of the year, building upon or adjusting those resolutions to better fit your needs along the way might be necessary. The important thing is that you continue to gauge your progress toward achieving your budget-minded goals and determine ways in which you can more effectively achieve them.

Kathy and her husband own a company that sells and installs replacement windows in Houston. She enjoys writing about energy efficient products that can help home owners save more and spend less. For more energy saving tips visit

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