Limited Edition – Is this it?

In pursuit of traditional gaming-related presents for family for Christmas, I’ve been intrigued by an item that’s been popping up almost everywhere I go – a certain self proclaimed ‘limited edition’ external hard drive that features Michael Jackson’s ‘This Is It’.

Now I might be being a bit thick but I’ve actually happened across this item in several different sites (all international players when it comes to the retail of computing, gaming and general gadgetry items) so I’m not sure how the remit of ‘limited’ works here.   Is it a bit like price reductions, where a chain advertises an item at a slightly inflated price for a few hours in one of its stores so that it can then be marked down to a ‘discounted’ or ‘sale’ price in all of their stores except that here, in respect of a ‘limited edition’ production, it manifests in the production numbers of the Jackson model actually being slightly lower than the usual production of the hundreds of thousands of a ‘standard’ product, so that it is then by definition a ‘limited’ edition?

I would be interested to know exactly what the numbers are on this, which define it as so limited an edition – certainly, it seems to be flying off the shelves, with many on-line suppliers showing ‘only one left’ or ‘two left in stock’.  Now this could of course just be a ‘must-get-it-now’ sales pitch or alternatively, the fact it’s so popular may not be at all down to its free add-on of MJ’s final performances, but the fact that as a machine it’s as high-performing as the man himself was: as a 500g hard drive model it’s actually a cheaper purchase with MJ than most of the standard rival hardware without such a feature!   To look at the item’s reviews, it would seem that at this time of cost-cutting, the price, as much as any special feature, is what is going to limit its availability.

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