Have Fun With Family Guy Action Figures

Cartoons have become so alive, many wish they could be part of that universe in real life. Family Guy is no exception, though like other cartoon universes there is no way you can enter into that world. So the next best solution would involve playing with Family Guy action figures. They are incredibly fun, whether you are 6 or 60. True, if you are an adult, you might feel slightly silly, but you will still enjoy yourself.

Of the Family Guy Action figures, Stewie is the most popular. His maniacal plans to kill Lois, along with his bisexual nature make him an interesting character to play with. These characteristics alone allow you to create an endless number of scenarios.

Quagmire is another zany character, especially considering his sex addictions. In fact, there are even sets that sell Quagmire with beer and a love doll. Can anyone say “Giggity?”

And you cannot forget Peter Griffin, the main character in the series. Although he is not as quirky as Stewie or Quagmire, his incredible stupidity makes him prime for many different storylines. Even his sets are hilarious as they feature the Peter doll completely naked. They also come with an interesting array of accessories.

There is also Lois Griffin, Peter’s beautiful wife who gets caught up in all the antics. When she is going through these things in the show, she is always dressed in the same drab outfit. However, when distributed as a Family Guy action figure, Lois comes with an array of outfits.

After you purchase these characters, you have the option of getting everyone else in the series. You could get Chris, the Griffins’ middle child who at 15 is scared of an “imaginary” monkey. Or, perhaps you could consider Meg, the whiny, nerdy teenager who everyone in the family hates. Brian the dog is also available, if you want to bring pseudo-intellectualism into the mix. There are also minor characters, ranging from Death to Mayor West.

Anyway, as you are shopping for these figures, remember that some of them can also talk. So, if you want to hear one of the characters’ stupid catch phrases, simply pull the string. Your Family Guy scenario will then become more realistic. Also take a look at other Family Guy merchandise available in stores, one of the top sellers online are Family Guy hats.

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