Decorating for a Victorian Christmas Theme

Many people enjoy the ornate decorations of a traditional Victorian Christmas. Stockings, Christmas trees, ornaments, candles, and other hallmarks were not always enjoyed by everyone. These decorations came about when a family was prosperous enough to afford them. In time, the middle class rose and more people were able to afford these small joys of the Christmas season.

Victorian Christmas decorations reflect both the spirit and prosperity of the time. Ornate and elaborate decor was popular. Large trees were brought in to be adorned with hand painted ornaments, beads, medallions, and garlands. Sometimes candles were used, though this was risky. In time adaptations and improvements were made, like the use of electric lights and intricately crafted ornaments.

This time period also developed the greeting card. Victorian Christmas cards would have picture along with a brief greeting from the sender. Christmas was still a relatively new idea, so there were few themes associated with the holiday. Many greeting cards featured flowers, kittens, and generalized winter scenes. There were images of joyful celebrations, with chubby cherubic-like children, happy couples walking through snow, and some religious icons as well. The images are brimming with joy and happiness.

Today many people associate red and green as the colors of the season. In Victorian times, these colors were not yet the hallmark of the holidays. Artwork on most of the cards from the era tend to have blues, pinks, and golds. The cards were cherished and kept as keepsakes. Many of our modern greeting cards are based off of the early Victorian designs.

The Victorian time was one of prosperity, confidence, and happiness. Families were able to gather together for elaborate parties and events. Children could enjoy special treats and surprises. Bringing some of this spirit into our own holiday season will help foster the most amazing memories.

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