Buying a Kindle for Christmas

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Buying a Kindle for Christmas

If you are thinking of buying a Kindle as a gift this year you might not know all the choices that are needed before you part with your cash.   We hope this quick buyers guide will help those less familiar with the best selling hand-held ebook reader.

Amazon Kindle 2

Amazon Kindle 2 (Photo credit: peteg)

Your first decision is which Kindle type to buy.  There is a large 9.7″ display DX model.  It costs almost $200 more than the smaller versions but is basically the same apart from that larger display.  It is perfect for reading newspapers and displaying charts and images due to its size but in all other respects it does nothing different to the other two.

The more popular choice is the Kindle 3.  This comes in two versions but both are identical apart from the way they connect to the internet.  The cheaper version connects using wi-fi hot-spots, whilst the $50 more expensive one can use either a wi-fi hot-spot or a 3G satellite mobile signal.  You will need to check whether the person you are buying for has regular access to wi-fi and whether they have a good 3G signal in their area.  Most homes now have their own wireless hotspot due to the popularity of home wireless internet routers so that side is usually covered.  A coverage map at the Kindle store will show you how good the 3G signal is too.

Now hopefully you have decided which reader to buy, you need to consider when to buy it.  Many consumers are hoping for some Black Friday Kindle deals.  Their nearest rival the wifi Nook is likely to be available with $50 off so you might expect at least a limited number of Kindles available at reduced prices too.  However remember that demand for amazon’s reader has been so huge as to mean that orders are already limited to three readers per customer, so it is unlikely that they will offer us any huge discounts for very long.

Where you are more likely to save is with accessories that are likely to be included in the Black Friday sales.  But with these too you will need to be careful.  It is likely that stocks of old covers and cases that fitted the previous generation reader will be priced low, but these won’t fit the new reader so are only any good for those people who already own the Kindle 2.

Hopefully you will now find buying a Kindle gift a little easier!

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